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  1. when i use a text viewer to log in, with the older metabolt and now with radegast i always get this message.

    Login error: Error opening the login server connection: Value was either too large or too small for an Int32.

    i only have this problem with this avatar, when i tried with others i was able to log in succesfully

  2. i was a little bit naughty on a jira issue about the recet installer changes, and as a result i was banned from accessing the jira. :matte-motes-crying:

    is there a chance the lindens to remove the ban in the future?


  3. my friend has a problem since he was created.

    when he wears sculpt/mesh clothes, sometimes the objects will stay behind and won't follow him.

    for example, his left mesh shoe will stay on one place like it's been dropped, if you try to edit the object it shows that he wears it.

    it cannot be returned because the right click menu, doesn't give normal object options.


    he performed the test male 3 times.

    any ideas?

  4. sometimes i see the path finding icon on the top bar on the viewer, pressing it it tells me to rebake the region, but there is no "rebake region" button anywhere on the viewer.


    deleted the settings but i still can't see any rebake region button.


  5. i use windows vista ultimate sp2

    3gb ram

    nvidia gt240 1gb ram

    when i use the ultra setting in the preferences the viewer is very slow. i can do things but not as i used to before the new update.

    my pc can handle many apps even 3ds Max.

    any suggestions? or it's too soon and we should expect more updates that will fix some issues.


    _________________________       EDIT   _____________________


    well i have disabled the ambient occlusion and the depth of field, i have set the shadows on sun/moon only, and i have also disabled the anisostropic filtering.

    there is a small performance issue, but it's not something to die for. haha. i suppose i can live with it.


    well i bought that card because my previous one stopped working, and i wanted something let's say cheap, and good.

    i'll get a high end card with my new pc, in about two years, with Windows 8 installed! hahaha

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