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  1. You can actually get a 90 day free trial of any Affinity product right now and they're all half price until end of April ( I think.) I can't answer your question though as I've only just started the free trial myself.
  2. Does it run other programs like Gimp or PS, Blender ok? Have you checked that Windows grabbed the right Nvidia driver ? I think that you're in for a tedious process of elimination really. 'Used' cpu's can be interesting and maybe run some tests on it. I'm sure you have sources for those already but this may help https://www.computerhope.com/issues/ch001089.htm Good luck !
  3. I pay around L$600 a month, there are cheaper of course but I need reliability. Re auto DJ, that's provided by your DJ software, as is the ability to broadcast to your stream (not the case in all DJ software) For that I use Mixxx which is cross platform, free and open source, works with all my devices and the 2 main os's I use. I hope that helps. Have fun !!
  4. Look carefully at the very first comment from Rolig, all is revealed and answered most carefully and elegantly.
  5. I am a frequent Sim hopper myself and my own experience is I've not had a tp related crash in a couple of years now. I asked friends when I saw this post and none of them report it as a problem either. If it were to suddenly start happening to me I'd take a detailed look at local conditions, maybe make a very lightweight alt and see if that makes a difference. If you are on Wifi I'd suggest running a cable to the router and see if that makes any difference. Each link in the chain between your home and your sl access point needs to be as rugged as you can make it. Good luck !
  6. Roughly 1/2 the region of Wirtz in the adult continent. Linden road bordered. 1 other owner holds the rest. L$140,000. May split. Contact Suzi Ah in world or email suzi_ah@protonmail.com http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Wirtz/84/85/53
  7. Brilliant article Penny and wonderfully illustrated, bookmarked for referring people to.
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