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  1. I want in on this project contact me madmaninc zapatero aka madman mackey please contact me ASAP
  2. im the best guy you could talk to hit me up inworld i will get you everything you need.
  3. The Phantasmagoria Theater The Worlds Largest Virtual Theater http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife//33/190/161
  4. Need some studio space free to any one who needs a place to make machinima. LETS MAKE A MACHINIMA!!!!!
  5. MAY 1st 7 PM LT BE THERE!!! for the virtual world premiere of PANTHEON BLACK! meet and greet the film maker ! ENTER TO WIN THE OFFICIAL PANTHEON BLACK AVATAR!!!! FREE STUFF!!!! Only at the Phantasmagoria Theater Pantheon Black will be showing in the main theater until May 15th. Winners of the Pantheon black avatar will be chosen on May 15th.
  6. The Phantasmagoria Theater Invites you To the 3rd annual 31 days of horrors MUUUHHAAAAHAHAAAA! Each and every day a new trio of terrors! a mini marathon of monster! and trilogy of horrors. Don't say We didn't warn you! http://slurl.com/secondlife/Krongower/189/195/62
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