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  1. I'm so bummed. Everything used to work for me with the experimental viewer but now that everything is live none of it works, haha.
  2. Is the egg at Paleoquest gone? I went to all the areas with drinks (I think I did anyway) as well as the area where the dinosaur eggs spawn (the first challenge) and I didn't find anything. Also, the first egg I found at the Glytches landing point is empty. Help a silly old lady out please. *Cry* EDIT: It looks like the location of the first egg was changed entirely and it is now super easy to find
  3. Edit: They are fixing it! I really do not want to download firestorm. Is there another way to override no fly? Ugh.
  4. For me I can't do the brown shoes or belt with a black outfit. I just can't! I have issues with navy blue and black too. Not really sure why but when these are together they rarely appeal to me. I do, however, love green and blue together, green and anything really, since it's my fave color.
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