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  1. Hello I am looking to hire a furry Avatar mod maker or Avatar maker in a hole will pay by project not commission-based unless it is discussed prior prefer to pay by project if you have references please post them and I will look over your work
  2. I am looking to buy full perm mods for furry avatars. I will pay per job. The pay will depend on what we agree on and your skill level. Looking for a mod maker to help me create full perm mods i can sell in sl. This job is for people looking for lindens all in one go and not spread out as i know alot of modders do run theyre own shop. I am mainly looking for mods for the older avitars (prim based ones not the mesh) so if you have skills in these please let me know! comment here or send me a pm in game to get ahold of me! I can hire more than one at a time as i have alot of projects i need help with! again this is a calling to hire moders tfor full perm work that pays per job! Im asolid buyer been in sl for years! so please comment or pm me!
  3. Hello i am looking for a good modder of furry avitars. I am looking to increase my sales and need a modder who would like to paid per project. I am here looking for a modder who can do full perm work at a good price (im not expectng bargain basement just trying to get quotes) Send me a message in game @ Neko Ranica to discuss further. Will need examples of your work to know the quality you have! If this becomes something permamnet will look into full hiring and in world store venues as well. PS i am looking for full perm work i can sell (i run a store)
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