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  1. Jatar Winger

    PC freezing

    today when i logged in using Firestorm, I was able to move and to teleport but about five minutes into the game my pc froze up. cnt-alt-del had no effect and there was not a whirling symbol but just a cursor arrow and a frozen screen with no way to get out except to power down the computer. Thinking it might be the Firestorm viewer i downloaded the latest Firestorm with the same results. I then down loaded and ran the Second Life Viewer and had the same results. I tried with an alt avatar with the same results. I have not had any problems with others games so I surmise it must be Second Life itself. How do I submit a ticket? I do not seem to find the place for that.
  2. I recently had a credit card expire and was replaced and as a result my SecondLife account was not paid for about a month or so. I have since input my new data and have paid up my account and can now sign in. My inventory and linden dollars are still there but my premium land has disappeared. How do I get it back? I have 1024m2 available for purchase but can it be anywhere?
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