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  1. Hi everybody, does someone know if there are LSL functions planned to be released soon in order to manage the new materials features (normal and specular maps) by script ? And if yes, when ? TX
  2. Hi everybody, does someone know if there are LSL functions planned to be released soon in order to manage the new materials options by script ? And if yes, when ? TX
  3. TY Innula :-) Indeed the "alpha trick" works well !
  4. Hi :-) I am quite sure it is a known problem... I have an object of 1 prim. I attach it to my avatar and move its position by script using the llSetLinkPrimitiveParamsFast and the PRIM_POS param. The position seems to be updated (I log it in the tchat) but is not correctly displayed graphically. I have to move my avatar to have it updated... Is there a solution to this problem by script ? Is it a problem only related to root prim ? TX
  5. Woooowwww Wooooowwww !!! Thank very much Drongle !!! Your method worked perfectly ! Here is the result: Pfiuuuuu !!! This is a big progress for me ! :matte-motes-big-grin: Thank you again Drongle for your precious help ! And thank you the 2.63 and the BMesh ! :matte-motes-wink: PS: I do not know why but the "Stitch" method did not want to work well on my case. Perhaps because my loop was splitted in parts on my UVMap...
  6. TY Dilbert for your answer. Unfortunately the "Weld" feature merges all the selected points in one. So I would need to weld the points one by one manually and as I have thousands of points to "weld" that is the solution that I would like to avoid... What I would need is a "Clever Weld" feature which would merge the points that correspond to the same mesh vertice together. What I do not understand is that the "Stitch" feature seems to be normally done for that... I found this doc on the Blender site which shows a sample of use of the "Stitch" feature corresponding to my need. But in my case,
  7. Hi everybody, this is an issue I am facing to for long and I hope there is a quite easy solution because I really need one... lol I have a mesh I already unwrapped and textured. I used and applied the Subdivision Surface modifier and I try now to reduce the vertices number a bit. So I deleted one loop. But when I delete a loop, I have after a gap between my vertices (which are doubled) in my UVMap and a seam appears when I look at my textured mesh. So I would like to stitch the vertices to remove this gap but I do not know how (without doing it one vertice by one vertice...). I use Blender 2.
  8. I finally found the "Delete" feature! I made a big menage in my magic boxes and I assume before some associated objects were still there... Now the listings with no more any associated items are appearing in pink and I can delete them... but only one by one ouch !
  9. Hi everybody, I do not find how to remove totally a product from my Marketplace store... Does someone know ? 1. I have unlisted my old products 2. I have removed all the associated objects from my magic boxes (I do not use yet the Direct Delivery) 3. and.... I do not find the "Delete" action anywhere in the Manage Listings... neither in the Actions list or in the Bulk Actions lists... I can only List/Unlist, Preview or Edit but not delete... I am becoming crazy...:matte-motes-confused:
  10. I think LL often make a mix between the fix of the bug itself and the fix of the results of the bug... That is also the case of a bug I also have and which is still not solved since october 2010: https://jira.secondlife.com/browse/WEB-2974 !!! There is certainly a very hard to find bug that produces or produced in very special circumstances the results we now saw i.e. the borked items. I assume LL is trying to fix this bug and this takes much time while they could have fixed the results of the bug first because in this case they are urgent to be fixed ! Of course the initial bug should be
  11. Yes what is really incomprehensible is that LL does not inform anybody officially (neither the merchants nor the customers) about this issue !
  12. For my part I have also 2 borked items. I agree with Darrius and I will not modify anything in my listing until CTL has a far better understanding of the issue and runs a fix procedure for it. What is it worrying me the most is that there are errors we are even not aware of ! As example, I have now a product listed in my store which is not mine (but which is displayed with one of my product image). I had a look to the store of this creator and it is displayed correctly. So this means that this creator is not aware about the problem and certainly thinks that everything is OK for his case..
  13. To Chosen: In fact your trick works !!! With Phoenix 1.6 !! (Not with the Beta viewer, not with Firestorm...) Thank you again !
  14. Thank you for your response Chosen. Unfortunately it did not work for me.... I made some searches on the SL JIRA and found that it is already a reported bug: https://jira.secondlife.com/browse/SH-2831 To readers: If you are interested by its resolution, please vote for it! (I think at least all bloggers using shadows should be...)
  15. I have a problem with my last mesh creation: rigged mesh feet. I recently noticed that when I enable the Lighting and shadows parameter, the textures with alpha are no more displayed! I made several tests with several viewers : Phoenix, Firestorm and the Official viewer Beta: same result... What is very strange is that if I rez the same mesh on the ground it is displayed correctly! You can see all this on the following picture I made: Does someone know something about this issue ? Is there a parameter somewhere to check or uncheck ? Another viewer without this problem ? Please help !
  16. Yes TY Drongle I do agree... I also think that my meshes names are perhaps too long and are cut/modified automatically by Blender (wich could change their alphabetical order)... I also think that the export order may be related to the meshes creation order in Blender. I need to make more tests on these two assumptions...
  17. Thank you for your answer Drongle.(I did not see the previous post sorry...) I do not think it is related with the names of the meshes because I first thought about this possibility and made some tests and they are not indicating it is the case. Example: my 4 meshes were called: Lashes R Up 2, Lashes R Down 2, Lashes L Up 2 and Lashes L Down 2 for LOD 2 Lashes R Up 1, Lashes R Down 1, Lashes L Up 1 and Lashes L Down 1 for LOD 1 I selected them always in the same order but they were not exported into the same order into the two .dae files. But I will continue my tests of this however... I
  18. Hi everybody, I have an issue: my meshes ar not always exported in the same order in the .dae file under Blender 2.49b. I made lashes as 4 objects in 3 LODS. When I export my 4 objects for each LOD, I always select them in the same order (R Up, L Up, R Down and L Down). For two LODs, this works corretly (the 4 objects are exported in the same order) but this is not the case for the third LOD (the 4 objects are export in a different order). As result, when importing into SL, my lashes are mixed for one LOD (the R Up takes the place of the R Down and vice versa). Why is it so ? Is it not the sel
  19. I also use Blender 2.49b and I made some tests of skeleton deformation several weeks ago. As far as I know it is possible: you need to export the skeleton with the mesh inside your collada file and then when importing it into SL, select the 'Include Joint position' check box...
  20. What is happening with the mesh sandboxes ? I am refused on all of them and what is the most "funny" is that... I am Premium !!! Pffff.... Does someone here know something more, someone to contact to fix this ?
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