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  1. The Fix Beach, is looking for DJ's and Hosts now. Fairly new club. We play mostly Blues, with some Oldies and classic Rock played as well. DJ's choice. All tips are 100% yours for DJs and Hosts. Hosts should be willing to work WITH the people who come in. Greeting new comers and members as the enter the club nicely and keeping conversations moving along. Please, gestures are allowed, however no spamming of them and please, use your own words when talking to people. Most people do not like a lot of gestures being used. Hosts should also check in at least 15 minutes prier to set time. And if unable to make it, do your best to let management know in advance by at LEAST one hour so we may try to find a replacement for that set time. DJs should have there own streaming service, a good working mic is preferred but not necessary.Tho voicing is a great way to keep the patrons entertained. Should be of a professional nature and entertaining. Please try not to voice every 5 minutes, IF you wish to voice then about every 20 minutes is fine. Music is your choice as well. We play mostly blues, oldies and classic rock here. Other could be considered, management is the ones to ask on other genres. Also, Hosts and DJs should make working here fun and exciting and be working here because you like to do what you do. Applications are available at the entry point http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Thunder/30/214/22
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