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  1. Good news everyone^^ after talking with the support, now my credit card has worked on the site^^ surely was bugged or something but L.L fixed that for now^^
  2. in this case, should try with paypal, after i insterted the code on the site to have access with.
  3. already tried and nothing, but ill see what i can do with paypal, because i've updated also on paypal about my new credit card.
  4. i see and i know that is not SL, but more like their billing forms is what i meant to say.
  5. my credit card "postepay" has Visa Electron (in theory, should work as my previous credit card, but seems not x-x) also done a support ticket tough, so gonna wait a answer.
  6. Hi, having a problem with the update of the credit card which is Postepay, i put everything even the cardholder's name which has my real name, but idk why everytime i complete and confirm, it takes a while to load next and then he says that they are unable to do that x-x hope L.L will fix it .-., i don't know if i'm doing something wrong, hope to get good answers.
  7. yea, i saw the order history^^" and pasted on the support ticket^^
  8. ah oki, so in future should check more the SL grid? also before the purchasing history was saying that doesn't exist and now it does >_> but btw now gonna paste the order in the support ticket right?
  9. sadly, it doesn't mail me when there maintenance if the support ticket will ask me the record of the purchase, i will proudly do that^^
  10. already tried but the merchant is offline since 1 month...
  11. done and hope that they gonna help me, if not, is just a waste of money....and would be L.L's fault for no warning me about the billing maintenance...
  12. i see, problem is that cannot find the support ticket on the marketplace x-x and the creator of the avi is not online since 1 month
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