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  1. Exactly, Irene. The OP says it should be trans in case it doesn't fit... but to me that sounds like a better argument for offering a demo version. Yes, I know demo versions are more work, but why should a customer ever have to gamble on something fitting -- a gamble at their own expense? The idea that they can gift it away is nice and all, but it still puts a burden on the customer of taking a leap of faith.
  2. One that made me laugh recently was a hair designer with no-mod hair. AND no resizer. Seriously? Hair? Yeah no. I have seen my customers do quite lovely things to the wings from Vaengi thanks to them being mod-OK, matching them to outfits, etc. And posted the photos correspondingly to groups on flickr, and got me great exposure. Honestly, I'm surprised more designers don't make tint-friendly items.
  3. Just spotted this due to the mentions of 7Seas / 7Selections. I think folks are thinking of my Ragged Fairy Wings. For example, here's a pic: http://www.flickr.com/photos/vaengi/6921361259/in/photostream Thanks for the compliments, but these are definitely Violaine Villota's, not mine. She's very talented, isn't she? I have always admired her work! She makes wearable wings in RL too. Both our wings are in the rather popular genre I like to think of as "fairies put through a shredder" In black silhouette they both look extra similar due to the shredding. BTW, I'm renaming and moving my wing store to Vaengi -- more details at http://www.vaengi.com
  4. Same problem here. I opened a support ticket and whenever I hear back, I'll post...
  5. Hi there, whatever happened to the llTransferLindenDollars thread? You mention it in your first post and I think it was sticky before, but now it seems to be MIA. Is it still happening? Any news on what's going on with the LeTigre RC that includes the llTransferLindenDollars update? I don't have a good understanding of how timing works from RC to gridwide deployment... and it sounds like there were some unrelated issues holding this wave up? Any clarification appreciated. Thanks!
  6. Melita Magic wrote: If you want arcade games though, I'd go to the source, but now offhand I can't remember who makes them all. Maybe someone else can? They have a big sim with all their games for sale as well as a nearby 7seas fishing pier. Hi there -- sorry we didn't spot this sooner! Perhaps you mean Insert Coin Arcade in Flotsam Beach? That's where the 7Seas Fishing headquarters is, too. You can visit the arcade here: http://slurl.com/secondlife/Flotsam%20Beach/93/144/21/
  7. Jesica Dragovar wrote: more partnership between well known items, imagine catching a fish in 7seas and being able to add it to a cooking HUD to convert it into food like for Spellfire or something I don't know much about Spellfire, but this would arguably be possible for custom catches. Probably a great crosspromotion too. I've seen people make custom catchables that double as salvage, weapons in other systems, all sorts of possibilities there.
  8. Elric Anatine wrote: I haven't fished in a very long time, and I know that custom items can be added to the offerings, but from the base 7Seas system, are there new additions? Hi there! Meissa has made some new official catchables lately, but I admit I haven't other than a few for special events like the Fall Fishing Festival. I've been too busy cranking out babies in real life. I'm getting back into SL bit by bit now. First thing I should do is update the fish list which is horribly out-of-date: http://7seasfishing.com/fish.html As others have said, conveniently there are still tons of custom catches out there to be had meanwhile. If you have any other questions, do let me know! And thanks for the thread everybody!
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