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  1. Okie so I did some digging, there's mesh bodys now? Anyway I guess that's the answer I'd have been looking for. Thaanks byyeeee
  2. Hi everyone, I took a rather lengthy break from SL but I returned a few days ago. I'm using the firestorm viewer with no special modifcations of any kind. And after setting myself back up I noticed that my AO and well, certain sitting poses cause my avatar's body to do something a little weird. My lower body seems to jut forward a little and it creates a weird kind of fold where the upper part of my body kinda sinks in an back a little. This looks okie when I'm wearing clothes but naked, it looks very strange. I dont know if its just a problem with my AO and the chairs I choose to sit in or
  3. Hi everyone, I've kind of been out of touch with SL for a while now, recently coming back to it and I've wanted to dive back into RP, after spending a good few days getting my AV up to date I'm left with a problem: I can't find anything good to wear. All the old places I used to goto have either stopped making new stuff or have gone completely. I mainly RP in a fantasy setting, Gor mostly for now. So I'm trying to find good quality slave attire. I don't really want to have to deal with mesh as I dont really like how its currently implimented, but at the same time I don't wanna look like I'm
  4. Hi everyone, I've kinda been out of SL for a while now but I've had the itch to return and so I was hoping for some advice. To those who RP on Gorean or BDSM sims : Could you point me in the direction of some high quality poses, specifically kneeling poses. Additionally it would be helpful if you could sugguest places that give you a rough avatar height choice, as my currently rebuilt avi is more down to earth proper proportions / height (a short ass fine fine) thanks in advance byeeeeeeeeee
  5. Hi all, A friend of mine has invited me to a themed RP party, It's a kind of medieval party, game of thrones feel to it. I want to look good but so far my searching has brought up "older" quality clothing. Can anyone sugguest some up to date creators who are making good quality medieval dresses? Mesh if possible, if not anything that looks well made is great. Thanks in advance any input. byeeee.
  6. Hi all, I was wondering if anybody out there can help me out in my search for high quality medieval / fantasy / gorean style dresses. If anyone knows of a good creator / store, I could check out, it would be a big help. thanks in advance. byeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.
  7. HI all, just a quick question. I'm looking for a cute (in style) female animation override. specificaly stands. I've already looked through VISTA and was unable to find a suitable cute AO, I'm unsure where else to look as i've kinda lost touch with whats hot and whats not lol. If anyone has sugguestions i'd appreciate them thanks in advance
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