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  1. this bounty is closed. Got the source code today. Thank you everyone for reaching out.
  2. I'm running into a deadline for an LSL project i want to complete and am looking to get a shortcut from someone i'm sure already knows the answer to. I've used this bounty like scheme in the past and it worked well so i thought i'd try it again. I will revise/delete this post after the bounty has been paid. Needing a solution for: I have a LSL list in script in a HUD i offer for sale. The list is currently about 8KB in size and could grow to as large as 16KB. Example list entries look like ["O019: Fire",<255,70,0>,"R029: Plasa Red",<225,0,60>,"LCyan",<29.07,202.98
  3. using keyword "photography" LUMIPRO is page 1, item 6 on the main browser (justified, 1000s of sales 100 five-star ratings). Using the beta LUMIPro is no where in the first 1000 entires (still not found it actually). These placement differences will kill so many businesses sales i filed a jira https://jira.secondlife.com/browse/BUG-11847
  4. My girl is looking for a pacifier. Looking to comission a mesh design and texturer to build me the design. 1)exclusive to me and full perms. or 2) mod/copy and you are able to resell. We work up the full specs before we close on a price. Looking to close bids by 5/31 and need final delivery by 6/20. Hoping to hear from you either inworld or by stefanbuscaylet at yahoo. ---Stefan
  5. nice job! i really like the music video genre as it maps nicely to the capabilites of SL. a couple of mine to share https://vimeo.com/65209004 (SFW) https://vimeo.com/79075928 (NSFW)
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