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  1. I had another product go missing within the past hour. Support has yet to resolve the prior 3. I would really love to not lose my carefully curated keywords, description, and reviews that I had received as well as search rankings on these products as they were all top sellers. Please advise.
  2. My items are still unlisted. Can you please give an ETA? These were all high selling items. If I should 'just relist' that would massively suck losing all of the search rankings, reviews, etc.
  3. I've also experienced 3 (copy/mod) items out of approximately 800 returning without notification to the Unassociated tab. Fearing more may also be just gone. Should I file a ticket?
  4. You: Searching for extra income, without having to deal with people, scripting, heavy upfront animation costs, hours of adjusting poses, loading in UUIDs, business management, advertising, fees, etc. You just want to make things, ideally furniture, and could use a helping hand with the rest. Me: Searching for mesh creators. Work under legal contract, RL name/infos provided and exchanged. Everything is very up front, and legally enforcable. You won't get screwed over, you will be credited. I provide all necessary LSL scripting, have a large repository of animations to animate your furniture
  5. I'm inclined to say that there is not Czari, for one reason. Last year during Valentine's Day when we were all still using Magic Boxes, this same issue happened. Perhaps it was for a different reason, though.
  6. It used to take me consistently fewer days, and so if I cashed out on a Tues night I'd have it by Saturday in my bank account (from PP) or Monday at latest, so never more than a week for a full cycle. However at January I began seeing 11 days to just get to Paypal. It's fairly consistent now to be at least a week to just get to Paypal. Very frustrating. I am not sure what changed, but I am sure that I haven't been doing anything different & the frequency as well as the quantity are both almost identical to prior.
  7. Hello, I keep extensive records of my inworld and Marketplace sales. This week I am having a good week inworld - thank goodness - as this week has also been one of my worst recorded Marketplace in almost a year (wherein I had 230 less products!) Usually my MP sales scale rather linearly with my inworld ones, but not this week. I am noticing a SEVERE drop in sales. Since I have been releasing new items, and customers have messaged me shortly after buying / receiving them for some Customer Support at times... I have noticed an issue. A 5-8 hour delay in receiving ALL Marketplace emails.
  8. It happens often that we would deliver an item, and they are never charged? This is over 1,000L$ total in deliveries that it happened on.. I am not happy with the idea people can get items but not be charged for it.
  9. This morning I had a series of sales, freebies and normal products that my box in world said it delivered almost right away. The problem is Marketplace lists them as partially failed, I contacted the customer later and he did get the items, however I have not been paid. It has been almost 12 hours ago now that this occured, and I am wondering if this is common or if I will be reimbursed for my products... I definitely do NOT see it on my transaction history, and there is no positive cash flow gaps anywhere, all my money is accounted for, and the customer 100% said he both got the items, and
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