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  1. It appears Microsoft has done it again. Has anyone else experienced this? Any idea where my username/password config files may have been moved to? I think they used to reside in C:\Users\Me\AppData\Roaming\SecondLife Alwin: I did not do a new install of either the SL or Firestorm viewers. Microsoft did indeed do something with this latest patch. Both viewers as well as at least one other application were running without issues prior to this KarenMichelle: thanks for your explanation but exactly which "fine print" are you referring to? The viewers or Win 10? Since Win 10 autoinstalls updates without user input I never see any documentation regarding sub-standard methods for encryption of .dat files. I assure you I have not jumped to any conclusions bizarre or otherwise. The fact is that several applications (not just SL) are no longer able to read config files and it's my responsibility to fix an issue I did not cause. I'm not surprised merely annoyed :)
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