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  1. Trying to teleport doesn't work, it logs me off SL. When I buy items they don't appear in my inventory until I log out then back in. This all started after the rolling restart today. Also my groups folder is blank. Don't bother suggesting "rebooting" anything, including the modem. I've already tried all of the hardware possibilities (I'm not a total freaking moron) I wouldn't complain so much except that I PAY for this account and expect it to freaking WORK. So, let's get Big Brother L's techno elves to work on this issue, okay? (Btw, I've networked in SL and I'm not the only one having these issues so stop blaming our computers and look at SL.)
  2. I have a friend who uses Emerald viewer, and she actually walks OUT of her clothes, to me. To her, she's still dressed, but I see her naked and her clothes just get all left behind, hanging in the air where she first appeared. I've taken pics while I laughed my pixels off.
  3. It could also have to do with LL's shortsightedness in the variety of kinds and types of age authentication items in various countries. While a US ssn, driver's license, etc. are all well and good (and seem, to work), I have a Canadian friend who just can't get the stupid thing to recognize her driver's license and she's older than I am! C'mon, Canada's right THERE, LL, it's not like it's far from CA (where you're based). Anyway, she eventually was verified through some other means, but as far as places putting specific restrictions on ID because a minor can get hold of a debit/credit card number? That's a ridiculous reason because a minor can get hold of ANY piece of ID and use it without a parent's knowledge. There's never any guarantee that a person using an ID of any kind is the actual ID holder.
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