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  1. Ok, so now that there are Mesh bodies coming out, with the associated alpha that covers the basic body, how in the heck do we make tattoos that are going to be visible on them? The tattoo layer is part of the basic body, and is covered by the alpha for the mesh body, and unfortunately, with the mass of skin/body/shape combos, it's impossible to get all the skin packages in the SL universe and add the tats directly to the skins themselves. So, here's my question... What is the solution that LL is going to provide or propose as an official answer for how to deal with this issue?
  2. So, what WAS this item, so I can now try to find a legal version of it? I don't disagree with the IP policy being a creator in my own minor way, however I do disagree with not NOTIFYING the unfortunate public, that suddenly ends up with an IP Replacement "item" with no way of finding out what item that they bought or recieved in what they thought was a legal fashion, and is now determined to be in violation of the IP policy... there should be a Database of all the IP replacements, searchable by the number so we can find out what we've lost, replace it from the legal source if possible and avoid the places or people that are selling or giving these illegal items OUT!
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