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  1. I also use AdBlock... started when Facebook was showing me all these ads. I love AdBlock, and would never be without it. I hate unwanted ads on my browser pages. (Oops... would this be considered an ad for AdBlock? lol)
  2. Ummm.. what if you just want a chat bar to type in for local chat? I don't see it beneficial at all to have all that real estate taken up on your screen when all you want to do is chat in local? Am I missing something?
  3. As the subject line asks... How doe one remove a follower from your profile? I had it turned on for a little bit on my web profile, and some random noob is now 'following me'. I have since turned off the ablility to post and such to my profile... but this guy is still in my 'followers' list.... Can this dude still 'follow' me? Its kinda creeping me out.
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