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  1. Sadly Emerald Viewer is not in my computer and Linden Lab banned it some time ago. Thanks for your help, Rolig. Is not something important, but well, as you say it would be nice to delete it
  2. This error generally appears when you are blocked from the Second Life servers by Linden Lab as the result of: Documented cases of fraud Use of Second Life by a minor Exceptionally flagrant abuse activity Note that someone else in your household may be responsible for this activity, not necessariliy with your account. If you believe this is a mistake is better you open a Ticket via the Support Portal. They will tell you why your computer or your IP is banned from Second Life.
  3. Lot of time ago i normally used the old Emerald Viewer, and it worked fine for a time, until it was blocked for some reasons. Anyway the "problem" is i can't delete a folder in my SL Inventory created by the Emerald Viewer, the name of it is "#Emerald" as you can see in the image: Does anyone know how to delete it or remove it from the Inventory? Thanks!
  4. Lot of time ago i normally used the old Emerald Viewer, and it worked fine for a time, until it was blocked for some reasons. Anyway the "problem" is i can't delete a folder in my SL Inventory created by the Emerald Viewer, the name of it is "#Emerald" as you can see in the image: Does anyone know how to delete it or remove it from the Inventory? Thanks!
  5. I can say only one word: AWESOME!!! Sometimes it was a nightmare to fit mesh clothing, my shape is between the standard M and L male sizes... but not anymore!
  6. I'm creating some object and working on the particles script (well, the object has several particle emiters). How can i make the particles start emision when someone sits on the object and stop when he stands up? Yeah, i suck at scripting. :matte-motes-tongue:
  7. I would say "FINALLY!" something else for Premium Residents! The special gifts are OK, but i specially like the idea of exclusive sandboxes. After a lot of time is good to see the Lab is doing some movements to give more services to Premium.
  8. Oh! Thanks, Suella. After your suggestion i explored Torley's photostream on Flickr and i saw his pic related to the banner: http://www.flickr.com/photos/torley/5835657661/ He says: "... Features new avatars forthcoming — robot and tiger. ...", so know i wonder if that means the tiger and the robot will be two of the new default avies or they are not still for sale.
  9. Si te refieres a que Linden Lab ejecute un "ban" sobre tu cuenta o sobre tu IP la forma de que esto no pase es, básicamente, respetar las TOS de Second Life. Solo bloquearán tu acceso si has cometido una falta grave contra los términos de servicio o sobre la propiedad intelectual de Linden Lab o de otro residente. En cualquier caso es mejor que, ante la duda, contactes con Linden Lab abriendo un ticket. Espero que esta información sea de ayuda. Saludos. Raúl
  10. Hola, Muzabel. El texto que adjuntas es un reporte de "crash" del cliente de Second Life, no creo que necesites formatear tu computadora, pero seguramente sería una buena idea que reinstalases el cliente de Second Life si el error se repite con demasiada frecuencia. Espero que esta respuesta sea de ayuda. Raúl
  11. Was taking a look at the Marketplace and saw that SO COOL robot: Do you know who is the creator or where can I find it?
  12. Great idea, Kim! Reposted this in my blog: “Support the Japan Earthquake & Pacific Tsunami Relief with Linden Dollars”, a great idea from Linden Lab Thanks again!
  13. Wow!!! Actually it looks pretty nice and it seems to be really useful, tho we need still to get used to it. As always, thanks for the work.
  14. Any improvement in communication with the community is welcome, Amanda, thanks for the good news. Totally agreed about the "voting" system in JIRA, and about Twitter and Facebook, well, i use both of them actively following SL in both cases, anyway, i think some people may feel worried about considering Facebook as: Facebook is the best place to find out about cool things going on in Second Life, share ideas, and get the inside scoop on inworld events, contests, machinima releases, PR activities, fun discussions, and more. A big group of residents may not like to connect their SL and RL pers
  15. Welcome, Rod... After being a SL resident for more than 4 years i remember my first weeks with tenderness, enjoy them.
  16. Thanks for the improvements! Well, about the Group number, i'm only member of 12 or 15 because i don't think i need more, but i'm sure this new limit will help a lot of people. About the improvement in Teleports, i noticed (as average) how the TPs works faster in the last days, let's hope this remains. And... btw... it seems the (???) issue is not so... "issual" this last couple of days, just saying, even maybe i just jinxed it... Thanks for telling us all this and thanks for the hard work!
  17. About the 2.4 release... it works great to me, specially good with the Starlight skin (for me it makes easier the UI). Had a lot of problems with the Beta version, but they seem to be fixed in the release. Thanks for the cool work. About 2.x haters, well, first you can always use one of the 3rd party if you don't feel comfortable with the UI... also...
  18. Wishing you the best luck with everything and all the new projects. Thanks for all your work with us...
  19. That's a really useful advice, Torley, thanks for sharing it! and Merry Christmas!!!
  20. WELCOME TEENS!!! Actually this is the best option for teens, the grid itself and everybody. I can't understand that fear to the teen, when actually right now the Main Grid is full of kids... or of adults acting worse than any of the residents of the Teen Grid.
  21. Although my previous comment might be taken as a critic i would remark it is not, it's just i find the business language in the style "We are improving the service cutting it." empty and simply false. Anyway, i agree with some of the comments; it's as simple as this, you pay Premium you get the service, if you want service then pay, if you prefer not to pay then the service will be lower. What i ask, Vogt, is the service for Premium and Concierge gets really better, because in the last times is not as good as it was before the massive firing. Let's hope this move works. Thanks.
  22. For what i see you are keeping the Premium and Concierge service levels as they were and directing the Basic accounts to self-service tools (except for some cases). Actually this is not an improvement, but a relocation of the resources you have for customer service. I'm ok about this since i'm a Premium customer, but i'm not sure if this actually improves the service. So if you say: "Guys, we had to reduce our human resources and now we have less people for customer service. Being things like they are, we prefer to dedicate these resources to Premium and Concierge accounts." then i'll be ok
  23. I think that's good for the community, but it may cause some small problems regarding content. I just hope LL finds the right way to fix them.
  24. Sorry for this to the rest of the fellow commenters. And... thanks for the data. Of course RL crisis is affecting SL, also the feeling of plateau and the recent changes in the Lab (Lindens fired, change of CEO....)
  25. Sincerly, i'm tired of people who thinks that shouting "LIES" will make their opinion a truth. If you have the "real" data share them, if not STFU and GTFO to IMVU.
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