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  1. Maybe it gets you a lot of people into your clan but I would think it would leave you with a lot of disinterested and non-active members.
  2. Maybe it is just me but the sex angle would seem to wear off pretty quick if that was the hook to get you in a clan and once you are in you are left with nothing.
  3. In fact I remember being a new person in SL and having to get one for some reason. I didn't even know what it was for and just took and wore it and forgot about it. When I made the decision to turn to a vampire it made what should have been a special event a nightmere because I couldn't find it.
  4. I find it unacceptable for anything to be forced upon a person when it isn't harming anyone. The use or lack of use of a garlic neclace is a personal decision and I would use my vote by walking away from a SIM that requires it.
  5. The garlic necklace is a tool that can always be removed when it no longer is useful to the person.
  6. Zumbro Aycliffe

    Beta Viewer ?

    Has anybody found a "stop animating my avitar" feature with the new viewer?
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