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  1. I just recieved an offline from this person calling me names and that isn't suppose to happen since he's blocked. Now, how did that happen?
  2. Well then still no reply to your question. And no replies to mine either
  3. I think we are going off topic here. The question is not "how do bots work", it's more "what do they do and possibly want". Any ideas? It's quite annoying to be stalked or monitored. Does LL know about that? Are they legal?
  4. They started coming to my lands when I got breedables. Do you have some? If so, could be related to that. The "panoramic view" and such is nonsense to me, since they keep coming over and over agan, even the same avatar. Nothing new to see unless you wanna post the same video every day. Some of them have a detailed description in their profiles, I was wondering if those profiles were stolen or just bots made from scratch trying to look as realistic as possible. They don't enter my land since I have access blocked, outside scripts disabled, no flying and text and avatars are hidden from another parcel. It's kind of annoying anyway, ban is totally useless since they use to rotate while being in the closest (empty and access open) parcel and most of all because they keep coming with different names. Plus they stay just a few seconds, leaving immediately, probably because they can't come into my land and wonder around. Do we have to file abuse report constantly to let Lindens investigate? And what do we have to report?
  5. Hi Tommi, thanks for answering so promptly. I had the chance to take a look at your work and I really liked it. I'm interested in an edited face shot and a full body shot morphed similar to this one ( http://www.koinup.com/Tommi_Waydelich/work/379146/ ), I posted the link so you can get the idea. If it's ok to you, let me know by IM or notecard inworld when I can book an appointment. Have a nice day 
  6. Hi there, I'm looking for a good photographer, possibly able to do morphs, but it's not mandatory. Affordable prices only, I don't wanna take out a loan for a couple of pictures. Please write down below your rates and add a sample of your work. Thank you very much.
  7. Gloria Marchant

    Make baby

    For what I know, you need a conception hud first. Take a look at xstreet, there are many with different features.
  8. I downloaded and installed the voice pack but still no voice available. Any suggestions?
  9. Sl is being crazy again. Now, when I log in, all the huds I had on screen before logging out disappear and the same happens with some attachments. I have to wear everything back again each time I log in. Weird things happens with the friends list too. When I log in in my account page through browser, some names are not in my list anymore. When I log in to SL, they are on friends list but showed offline, even if I'm taking to them in that very moment. I tried to log back several times but no solution. Someone knows what happens??
  10. Since I downloaded the new adult compliant viewer, video streamings don't work. I load the play button or whatever is required, but no video appears. I'm not sure the problem is related to the latest viewer, but before I had no problems. Something to set up in preferences maybe? Any suggestion?
  11. Yesterday, during server maintenance or whatever Lindens did to SL, my partner was rezzing some high prim chairs on our parcel. After 5 minutes I asked him to take them back to his inventory, due to the fact they were really high prims. He select the option "take", the two chairs disappeared from the ground but they didn't get back to his inventory. So now we lost the two chairs but prim count on the land still shows 60 prims less, like the chairs are still there. What shall we do? Any opinion will be really appreciated. Thank you.
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