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  1. I have had this Magnum Server Bug since last Thursday, I've had the following problem: 1. When i first log in, I sometimes will be at the corner of the sim and i wouldn't be able to see my avatar. 2. I would be able to TP home, but when I do. I wouldn't be able to rezz completely. It's usually my hair, or some attachments that just won't rezz; weirdly all my clothing layers would rezz fine. 3. If i make a copy of like a pose stand or something, it wouldn't copy, even if it is my own pose stand. I've tried a couple of clean reinstall, cleaning my cache, trying different viewers. I just hope that this problem gets fixed ASAP.
  2. I'm on the Magnum server and have been having trouble attching objects to myself. I've tried other sims that are on different severs, like Pooley, and I do not have a problem attaching anything there.
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