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  1.  I'm completely new to texturing and I'm just trying to texture this bodysuit for personal use, the top came out perfect but I can't get the bottom to match at all, is there something I'm doing wrong? I'd try stretching and moving the texture but I made this to create appliers for my maitreya body so I can't actually select the texture, can anyone tell me how to do this better?
  2. I have a PDF for a catsuit that I want textured differently, just plain black shiny or leather style texture, all around for the whole catsuit, so nothing hefty, but I need it to look well made so the black would just have to be textured nicely.
  3. I have a bodysuit with PDF files that I want some custom textures for, you won't be able to resell it, but to me it seems like it'd be pretty basic to texture cause its only a top layer and bottom layer that I would like some solid colour textures on or some patterns, will discuss the pay. Send me a message in world.
  4. I'm using singularity 32 Bit, I know that 64 bit doesn't support media but it's always worked until I reformatted my PC. I downloaded quicktime and shockwave player, and reinstalled singularity 32 bit, slplugin is running on my processes and not blocked on my firewall, this is what happens when I try to use media. 
  5. So I really have to apply to use the marketplace viewer to be able to list anything on Marketplace now?? Is this the only way for me to list my items? I signed up to get the viewer but I don't even know how long that takes it's kind of messing my store up
  6. I've been looking around for a hairstyle like this for a little while, figure I post here while I look anybody know where I can find something similar to Rhona Mitra's hairstyle in doomsday? it was awesome
  7. Yeah I sent a NC to Catwa but got nothing, so just seeing if anybody might know.
  8. I rented with you for a while Only reason I left is because I'm looking for something bigger. Thanks though!
  9. I'm looking to rent a nice mesh home, I'd much prefer a skybox because they tend to be cheaper and less laggy. I'm looking for something really good quality, preferably with a pool, willing to spend L$1000 per week on the tier. If anyone knows of any places I can rent, let me know, I've been looking for a couple hours. Thanks.
  10. I'm in search of a custom clothing designer, I need quality, somebody who is smart and stylish. I have a design and a current outfit in SL that it can be based off of. My clothing designer no longer makes customs, so i'm in search of a new one. Price will be discussed, message me in world for details! Non mesh, clothing, by the way!
  11. My friend is having a problem, almost all of her gestures are broken links, she's tried clearing cache, deleting them and getting the same pack of gestures, but they're still broken links, is there a solution?
  12. Looking for someone to take a sample of my LAQ Peach skin and create an applier for my lush boobs.. nothing special, I just want a perfectly matched tone.
  13. Hi, my voice on SL has worked fine since I downloaded Singularity, and now I'm having a problem with voice reconnecting over and over every minute, SL Voice is allowed on my firewall, I tried resetting computer, clearing cache etc and I can't seem to get it to work.. [12:01 PM] Connecting to in-world Voice Chat... [12:01 PM] Connected [12:02 PM] Connecting to in-world Voice Chat... [12:02 PM] Connected [12:03 PM] Connecting to in-world Voice Chat... [12:03 PM] Connected [12:04 PM] Connecting to in-world Voice Chat... [12:04 PM] Connected [12:04 PM] Connecting to in-world Voice Chat... [12:04 PM] Connected I can hear voice fine but it just won't stop doing this
  14. You're paying a fair price in my opinion, It would only take me 20 minutes or so to create one pose and I'm not even that experienced, don't let yourself get played.
  15. Hi, I've been wanting to ask this for awhile because I have no clue if there's a fix for it. When i'm up close my animations play smoothly, and before I continue no I do not have slow motion animations on. But when I zoom out while doing an animation it'll look like its in slow motion and kinda choppy, is there a fix for this? I use Singularity.
  16. Hi, I don't know where else to put this but I need help because it's been annoying me for awhile. If I try to stretch an object the texture will stretch with it as well and it will start repeating, I know that you can manually stretch the texture back into place afterwards but it's kind of annoying, is there a way I can disable this and just stretch the object so the texture doesn't start repeating?
  17. hi, I have land and I'm looking to play Christmas music on it, I've noticed that most radio stations when you visit land on SL have an IP rather than a URL, so I don't exactly know how to do this. I wanted to put a radio station like this http://www.live365.com/stations/planetmike on my land, but when I do so, no music plays. any help on how to get it to work or if you know of any Christmas streams I can place on my land, that'd be great, thanks.
  18. Hi, I won't let this be too long, let me quickly tell you what I am here for I am a performer in the SL Wrestling community and I am looking for someone to make me simple full perm unisex shirt with my picture & a simple design on the back (I will pass these out for free to fans) I am looking for just a clothing layer shirt and then possibly a mesh shirt. Please message me in world, thanks.
  19. I've become very good with creating poses and I've decided I want to create photography props with multiple poses to use inside of them and the ability to adjust your position.. I've been looking around and I can only find expensive, advanced scripts used for mesh furniture and multi-person synchronized poses, i'm just looking for something simple, can anyone help me out?
  20. Thanks for the comments! I did change the text, it looked good on my display but didn't know it was an issue. As for the windlights- there are a big list of windlights on Firestorm & Singularity, you can choose from them. (There is not an option to do this on Phoenix, not sure about other viewers)
  21. Hi everyone :) I encourage you to check out my new fashion blog, not just a fashion blog, but I am also taking raw photographs of the best scenery around secondlife with absoloutely no editing, and I will be posting pictures of these places and also giving a brief description of the setting, as well as telling you where I get my clothes, hair and more! I hope you enjoy :) http://staygoldenlily.blogspot.ca/
  22. Hi, I want to make some animations for secondlife in Blender 3D. only problem is, I don't know where to get a model to do this? I've looked at the secondlife wiki creation portal and can't find much.. Does anyone know? (I don't yet have the money for Avastar so I am looking for something free)
  23. Hi, I teleported somewhere and it seemed to rez very slowly compared to like Phoenix, people rezzing in very late, objects, etc.
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