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  1. I have to disagree with you, I hope they don't move Ahab's Haunt here as well. Bellisseria will always stay the same, not changing the landscape, but that's what makes SL so attractive for me. The creativity of the users. You don't see much of that in Bellisseria, because the creativity there is only limited to your own four walls, which might be good for some people. For me this is by far not enough. There is also a grid outside of Bellisseria and premium users live there as well. But even if you are not premium, you are not a worse person. In 1024m I would feel locked up, even if it might
  2. Then you do not seem to know how much mainland there is around the Blake Sea. There are not only private estates. Satori, Corsica and Gaeta are within easy reach. I myself live on Corsica on mainland. Not only Bellisseria is public land. Maybe you should find out what you're writing about before you do it *shaking my head*
  3. with this sentence you have brought it to the point. Not only has the Galaxy disappeared from the Blake Sea area, but an important waterway connection has also been lost.
  4. I don't like the Galaxy's move at all. It used to be a popular destination near the Blake Sea and now it is not so easy for all sailors and pilots in Second Life's largest sailing area to reach it without teleporting. I would have wished for Bellisseria to build something new there and not to take old historic buildings away and simply transplant them. I do not see this as a good solution. There are not only private estates around the blake Sea, there is also mainland there and I would like to see some long overdue things happening there, like renewing the textures of the bottom or
  5. I think this initiative is very good and I think it would be great to finally be able to sail around the continents. Much is blocked with ban lines, orbs and other things. So you do not come to the south cap in Satori. Why ban lines on official waterways and mainland roads? Why Orbs under 1000m? No one really needs something like that.
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