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  1. "..since I don't know if I just have lost another few nano prims somewhere in my shop or on my sim." I hate that feeling. I get it a lot when I'm working with small objects in a really big area. SL doesn't always rez objects where I point - I had a square of grass floating in the sky at the edge of my parcel that I was hunting for days for. I just got the "Attempt to rez an object failed" message today. I tried to attach a flight boost HUD that I wear all the time but nothing happened for the longest time. I could see by my activity monitor in the corner that SL was sporadically sending and receiving info but when it finally did something, it was only to show that error. I cleared my cache and logged off, waited a minute, then logged back on. The HUD went on without a problem. So try that if you haven't already?
  2. It will be interesting to see what happens in the near future.
  3. I had the 'stuck on Terms of Service' issue. I was using Imprudence so I installed SL's 1.23 viewer and it gave me the checkbox and OK button - not just the cancel one like Imprudence did. I don't know which SL viewer you used but if you tried Viewer 2 you might want to give 1.23 a try. It's on SL's downloads page.
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