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  1. I have a macbook pro 10.5.8 and since the last couple updates on LL v3, i been seeing the terrain textures flicker if i have low settings on, or when i have basic shaders on, i just see the 1 texture. also i dont see any of the land textures on WORLD MAP anymore either. wondering if its my laptop, or because its a MAC, i had a friend screen share on Skype with me, and on his PC everything looked fine. So if anyone, even the Lindens can be able to answer these questions would be really great. I love Landscaping, using terrain textures, BUT I DO NOT want to use a v1, or v2 to be able to do that. thank you! Mainit Hellman
  2. the Labs is working on a local texture preview for the creator to view the textures, like imprudence has, temp upload Oz said should had never been brought to any TPV, cause its in violation. but Local texture preview is ok, and they have something already just need to finish it
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