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  1. With all my respect, I guess big post don't get read. So I will make it clear. Current development of BOM won't change anything in that way because it's so easy to rip off textures that good creators won't use it or pack their items anymore that way for safety and will move to Appliers if they weren't using it. Appliers with decent scripting, because any applier that doesn't encrypt the UUID when sending it to the object is dumb. There are plenty of real appliers that even if the message gets intercepted still needs to be decoded. So way safer than BOM for average users. Till BOM a skin or
  2. Small note for those that mention RLV. There is a reason why RLV is not implemented on SL main viewer. It's because it grants permissions that might generate risk for the end user and with malicious scripting could get the user in trouble. Yet I agree it's quite useful and I have quite a few scripts that simplify my life a lot and use RLV because with LSL alone wouldn't be good enough. It would be neat to be able to connect better the viewer with scripting but if that ever comes might need to be something different to RLV. Yet on that same page as BOM is been created. The only use that I se
  3. Thanks for confirming that. Hope that you guys find a work around that doesn't confuse viewer or casual users since those tend to suffer the most. And about the JIRA sure will take the time to add it in, just hope that somehow LL sees the potential of it and addresses it in a reasonable time and not too late. I understand that those are separated branches so the development team/resources might be different just pointing out the much usefulness of this development if the LSL is also added even if it comes at a later time. @Whirly Fizzle Thanks for that link. I tested it right and see
  4. Ok, after long without stepping into SL. Some of the updates and upcoming projects draw my attention. So since this is one of them I will give my opinion with the hope it can help. Security issues that some mention: I agree, even there are simple ways to rip off textures from SL, bakesonmesh just makes it way more simple. Tho no clue how to solve it without killing the project. Personally I would rather see development than stop it by a risk that's already there, and tackle the issue of copyright the same old way that has been done till now. A Question! that For all that I read at htt
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