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  1. In SL transaction fees are raised, and suddenly there're no transaction fees in Sansar. We're not in SL cause it was free in first place, we're here because of the community and creators. Money wont make us move to Sansar, it'll make us leave SL. TYVMBYE.
  2. Please take into account the fees LL actually charges. it's not just the 2,5 % that now will be 5%. if you sell an item on MP, you pay 5% to LL, then you want to convert your LS to US, where LL takes another 3.5 %. THEN you want to cash out where LL would take another 2.5% which is now going to be 5%. So doing some math here.. this is not "just" 5% . Not to mention other fees that apply , be it membership or wanting to rent to be even able to sell things inworld. Don't forget if you are from another country, 3.5% plus the conversion rate. It's gonna be expensive for content creators. And
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