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  1. It's hard to answer this without some more information, for example what exactly happens when you click log in a few questions which if you could answer these might help. Do you get the login progress bar showing up at all? How far does the progress bar get before it fails? When it fails what does the text above the progress bar say last? What error messages is the viewer giving when it fails? If not an error message what does happen when it fails? For further help it might also be useful to go to your Firestorm/Secondlife directory after an attempt and find the viewer log files, for fir
  2. Limits are automatic as far as Resident Level 1, for all other limits they have to be requested from LL by creating a support case (See link at bottom of post) and asking for a LindenX limits review as mentioned on the LindenX limits page. As for the specifics of your question I am not able to find any specification of the requirements for the other categories beyond resident however I would presume that the currency trader limits are intended for the financial accounts of third party linden exachanges (eg Virwox, DX etc). I would imagine to be classified as a currency trader you would need
  3. I'm not sure if I understand what you are asking but I am going to do my best at least on what I understand to be your first question, it sounds to me like your location bar has been turned off somehow, the area you mention with your linden home on it is I suspect referring to the favorites bar which hold links of important place for you. Without knowing what viewer you are using or seeing it for myself I can't be 100% sure I would stuggest though that you try right clicking on try right clicking on a blank area of the bar around where your current location used to show, or if there is no bar
  4. I've tended not to be in world as often as I used to anymore but send me a friend request and hopefully will catch you some time, I've tried a lot of items from quite a number of different vendors at various times so perhaps I could help in pointing you towards a few things also. Unfortunately I have found that the number of items that can do much to vary the experience without some outside intervention to be limited, I had always wanted to develop some ideas of my own in that regard but never found the time to get scripting as yet. That aside there is a class of plugins I've seen in various
  5. It sounds like the IP address you are currently using has been blocked from second life, this could be because of your activity or as most residential IP addressess are allocated dynamicallly because another user on the same ISP as you has triggered an IP ban while using the same address. You should check the email account associated with your second life account to see if you have any emails from support about being blocked there will be one if it is you who triggered the ban, if not then it is probable that another user has caused that IP to be blocked it should resolve when your IP address
  6. There are several things which could have happened from your card payment failing for some reason or the linden exchange rate changing between your order and your bank approving the transaction which would have left you with a USD credit that you can use to make a new Linden Dollar order to convert the credit to Lindens and the current exchange rate. The best way to find out exactly what happended to the funds from your first attempt the best thing to do is to check your account history it will show your card transaction and a reversal or an outstandting credit depending on what happened afte
  7. The only way to assign prims without parcelling is to use a scripted rental box, naturally that wont actually be able to stop people rezzing over their limit but they are able to send warnings to both you and the tenant and allow you to use your normal eviction proceedures if the tenant does not bring their account back into order within the time stipulated in your rental agreement. As for the other question yes, the only way to change the prims on a parcel is to change the parcels size or to use the region/estate bonus. Note however that when that is used the region can still only have 15,0
  8. Also contact your credit card company, especially if you have not bought lindens previously or charges in foregn currency etc before many card companies will tend to block larger charges that don't fit the users usage history. There may also be some other reason the charge was declined, at least elimiate that possibility then if that checks out try contacting LL to see if they can do anything. Generally speaking if a card transaction fails it is usually because it is declined unless the entire service is down, with declined transactions there is little the merchant can do but refer you to th
  9. To go premium you have to clearly elect to upgrade your account by following the upgrade process as such there is no way to get the charge you formally agreed to by following the process removed from your card at all. Your best course of action is to immidiately cancel your subscription, this will prevent your membership being renewed at the end of the month (This was agreed to with the upgrade). You will remain premium for this month until it expires as your premium subscription has already begun the service perchased has already been rendered at this point. By all means go ahead and call
  10. Something that has not been mentioned here previously but I note the rather heavy overclock on that CPU of yours. That can be problematic and in some cases produce CPU errors even where the temperatures look normal and needs to be investigated as a possible cause here. Firstly check your system temps especially that CPU but also watch the GPU etc as well, clear warning signs are seeing temps over ~60 on the CPU (At full load) or over ~80-90 depending on model for the GPU (See manufacturer website for thermal tollerance data and make sure you are at LEAST 10% bellow at full load). I suggest
  11. Hi Tessa, just to help us understand the situation here a little more do you think that perhaps you could try another v2 based viewer and see what effect if any that has on the problem. Perhaps you could give it a minute to download firestorm from this page http://wiki.phoenixviewer.com/doku.php?id=downloads Once you have tried that for us please let us know your results here hopefully it will give us another piece of information in our effort to solve the puzzle for you. Good luck Also, I will point out that in the short tem you have a workaround option if v2 wont work for you to get P
  12. Hi there, your transaction history will show a list of all transactions including gifts of items without any lindens involved, you can access your account history here: https://secondlife.com/my/account/transactions.php?lang=en-US Unfortunately that isn't the best record and will only show you up to the first 500 entries on any given day so a popular demo campaign especially when permaited by sales you will lose records. Your other options would be having a scripted object do the giving which also handles logging of items given away, this is often the best way as the script can also be prog
  13. It sounds like a firewall or your router is blocking some of the ports needed for SL to connect and function, please see this page for the ports you need to open to allow SL to work. http://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/Configuring_your_firewall That page also provides some help to configure some types of firewalls and devices if in doubt consult the manual for your firewall or router.
  14. Hi there Lequisha, this is a resident supported forum so we cannot access your account details to retrieve your password, and even if we could it would probably be encrypted anyway (Or at least I'd hope so). However there is a feature to reset your password if you have forgotten it, please go to this page and fill out your other account information in order to reset your password and regain access to your account. https://secondlife.com/my/account/request.php?lang=en
  15. The best resources I have seen for dealing with this and any other appearance related issue is maintained by the Phoenix Project, it will however work for any viewer as the general problem is SL related not viewer related. They have two versions one for Viewer 1.x and the other for Viewer 2.x just click the link bellow which fits your version. Version 1.x http://wiki.phoenixviewer.com/doku.php?id=bake_fail Version 2.x http://wiki.phoenixviewer.com/doku.php?id=fs_bake_fail I am sure that those tips will fix you right up but if your still have issues come on back and edit your post with Op
  16. Silky Mesmeriser


    Hi there, in order to access adult areas on secondlife you need to complete age verification you can do this from your account by visiting this page secondlife.com Age Verification in the event you do not have the required ID to pass age verification a second option which will get you into adult areas but not those that specifically require age verification is to make any purchase on your secondlife account with a valid credit or debit card. Either way once you have done that it is just a matter of going to your viewer preferences, general tab and setting your content access preferences to Ge
  17. I believe that message means that your current computers IP address is banned, as they change frequently on domestic internet connections there is a good chance that could have been left there by another resident using your current IP address when they were banned. That said this is a resident supported forum so we have no access to check your account directly or to see if your IP address has been blocked, please follow the instructions in the email and contact the support@secondlife.com address they should be able to investigate for you. The fact that your account lets you log in here makes
  18. Without more information it is hard to answer your question, you can edit your post by clicking on options then edit. Please let us know where are you trying to enter your zip code? Also what is the URL of the page you are having the issue on perhaps I can test it for you depending what you are trying to do. Are you getting any other informational messages other than the We are unable to complete your request? What makes you sure it's the zip code is that feild heighlighted and are you sure it is correct? Your property the zip code is for is not a recent build is it? It is possible that a r
  19. As others have already said there is no way to actively remove an owner once set, they would have you resign from the group or at the very least from the owner role themselves first before another owner would be able to remove them. This is a necessary feature and provides the critical security necessary to have groups be useful for the holding of collectively owned land for example. As for what to do about it then it is hard to provide any solid advice without some idea what "Actively causing problems" means. Here are a few suggestions that might help but it is dependent on the circumstanc
  20. There are a number of things which could cause this but to start off lets check your settings in your viewer and make sure those are all okay. The voice settings menu is different for viewer 1.x and viewer 2.x so as I do not know which you are using here are the instructions for both. Viewer 1.x In the menu click on Edit > Preferences then choose the Voice Chat tab. Check that the enable voice box is ticked. Check that you have your proper sound card set up in Input/Output devices, sometimes the wrong one can be selected if other devices in your computer have sound interfaces (Webcams, G
  21. Van, there had to be some limit to the number of choices there or it would get confusing for everyone. As for why you choose at start it is quite simple, it is a lot better doing that than having everyone male and female rez in world as a generic form. The purpose of the starter avatars is to give people a choice of socially acceptable avatars and outfits that they can feel comfortable in while they get their bearings in world without having to immidiately have the pressure of rusing about the grid finding and customising their avatar.
  22. This particular error relates to a problem with the asset server not being able to retreive the origional copy of the asset and send it to the sim you are on. There are a few things you could try but it is quite possible the items have been corrupted or lost, give the following a try though: Try accessing the items from a different sim, if the sim is having issues contacting the asset server it is possible it could cause problems. If that does not work try teleporting to an empty sim like Sif for example [sLURL] going to Edit>Preferences>Network (v1.x) or Avatar>Preferences>Netwo
  23. Without permission from the copyright holder the answer would be no, that said depending how much you really want to do this obtaining such permission might not be as hard as most people presume. The fact is most copyright holders don't want to hide their work away they simply want to be compensated fairly when others are making money from it. I know people that have recieved permission from several large copyright holders to use their material in exchange for a percentage of sales none from disney specifically but if approached fairly they would possibly consider it though they would probab
  24. There are a number of possibilities here, if you are the land owner you should be able to return it using the right click menu or using About Land>Objects. If that does not work then there are several possibilities: The object is only encroaching on your land and it's root prim is located on the other side of a parcel boundy. You will be able to determine this is the prims it contains do not show up in the About Land>Objects tab at all. In that case you should contact the owner of the newighbouring parcel and ask their help in returning the object. If you are on estate land you could
  25. Short answer no you cant change your username, you can choose a new display name by using a v2.x viewer but that will not allow you to hide from your past in any way at least not if anyone choose to search you by your old name or looked at your username instead of your display name. That said more important is to think about why you would need to hide from your past and what is so important that you would be willing to sacrifice all your work and investment to date. Not knowing what you are trying to avoid it is hard to advise but in general terms defrending, muting and changing your display
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