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  1. It's hard to answer this without some more information, for example what exactly happens when you click log in a few questions which if you could answer these might help. Do you get the login progress bar showing up at all? How far does the progress bar get before it fails? When it fails what does the text above the progress bar say last? What error messages is the viewer giving when it fails? If not an error message what does happen when it fails? For further help it might also be useful to go to your Firestorm/Secondlife directory after an attempt and find the viewer log files, for firestorm the file is called Firestorm.log and you can check the location for your operating system on this page. It's likely to be long so best not to post it here directly, but you could paste the file to a service like pastebin and include the link. That said without more information anything I told you would be pure speculation, it's possible some filtering is blocking your access as v2/3 based viewers such as the recent Secondlife viewer and Firestorm do use updated methods to access some important secondlife services which could potentially explain why they are being affected and not the old v1.x viewer using legacy methods.
  2. Limits are automatic as far as Resident Level 1, for all other limits they have to be requested from LL by creating a support case (See link at bottom of post) and asking for a LindenX limits review as mentioned on the LindenX limits page. As for the specifics of your question I am not able to find any specification of the requirements for the other categories beyond resident however I would presume that the currency trader limits are intended for the financial accounts of third party linden exachanges (eg Virwox, DX etc). I would imagine to be classified as a currency trader you would need to be an authorised agent of such a business and be able to provide evidence to that effect but really this is a question you should ask support directly this is a resident supported forum so we only have access to the same information you do. For the benefits, the currency trader limits are designed with businesses trading large volumes of linden dollars and provide daily/30 day limits ranging from US$10,000/20,000 at level 1 to US$40,000/1,280,000 at level 4 for both buy and sell L$ as can be seen on the LindenX limits page. Relevant Links: Create a support case LindenX Exchange & Billing Limits
  3. I'm not sure if I understand what you are asking but I am going to do my best at least on what I understand to be your first question, it sounds to me like your location bar has been turned off somehow, the area you mention with your linden home on it is I suspect referring to the favorites bar which hold links of important place for you. Without knowing what viewer you are using or seeing it for myself I can't be 100% sure I would stuggest though that you try right clicking on try right clicking on a blank area of the bar around where your current location used to show, or if there is no bar either there now just right click in that area anyway right near the top of the screen. Several viewer variants will produce a small menu when you do this with around 3 or 4 tick options in it, you would want to tick the option for location bar/address bar or similar wording. If that doesn't help perhaps you could return and provide some more information for us, current viewer type and version at least, you can find the full version number in Help > About Secondlife/Firestorm/YourViewer. While you are there you might as well copy the system info too as I it may possibly help with your second issue please see my comment bellow. Similarly I am having trouble understanding exactly what issue you are having when it comes to your second question, when you say it wants you to TP back to your Linden home what do you mean exactly. Is it that because of the issue above (No Address Bar) you are not sure how to pick another location, Are you trying to teleport and finding yourself arriving at home when you intended to be somewhere else? Or is the viewer giving you an error message or getting disconnected when you try so you end up logging back in at home? Those are just a few different situations that come to mind that you could be facing and the likely causes and possible solutions are many without pinning down exactly what is going wrong, I'd be doing you no favours trying to guess on this one so will try and check back in a few hours if you could clarify for me. If you are getting any kind of message or error could you please include the exact message and also add your system info from help about it might help in diagnosing why it is happening.
  4. I've tended not to be in world as often as I used to anymore but send me a friend request and hopefully will catch you some time, I've tried a lot of items from quite a number of different vendors at various times so perhaps I could help in pointing you towards a few things also. Unfortunately I have found that the number of items that can do much to vary the experience without some outside intervention to be limited, I had always wanted to develop some ideas of my own in that regard but never found the time to get scripting as yet. That aside there is a class of plugins I've seen in various variants that can add variety by allowing participation by various passers by they vary on how much control that you can lose through them, from some that allow little more than changing your lock poses or others that allow increasing timers etc, some variants go as far as literally giving the keys away if you are lucky enough to find someone who will accept and then actually do something creative with the situation it can be a lot of fun. I particularly like some of the third party plugins for Real Restraints when looking at the latter though mainly because in the event you get some troublesome type who just takes the key and does nothing the RR restraints offer alternative safety mechanisms before outright cheating out. (The Struggle Game, RealKey etc) Oh and on that note there are some good plugins that can limit or alter those too making struggling out much harder (or even impossible) and allowing for realkey to be disabled etc. I'm thinking you should check out the Chain of Command (CoC) plugins for RR, several of the enhancements I just mentioned come from there and they do other things also, the automate plugin for instance might be of interest, some of their others definitely come to mind also for a situation of having someone lock you up and then let you on your own devices, Myriad for example is really impressive though it's range of functionality does make it complicated to operate however properly set up I am sure that it would keep you entertained. Might even be willing to program it for you one time I'll add that I liked the ideas mentioned using key objects/boxes etc, got me thinking about a few things lol especially where you mentioned about getting around the inventory issue, could work around that if you had the sub give the box PERMISSION_ATTACH first then have them make their way to the box when it decides it is ready to release them. Then my devious side pipes up thinking that not only could the timing of this be random but also need the sub to arrive at the box within a certain time window after it messages them (Maybe make that random too) could be made into an interesting game if a reasonable sized parcel of land were available and the sub was showloc restricted (So they can't see the SLURL of the box when it IM's them) that way they would have to search the land manually to find it and get close enough in time. If the window is missed a random time could be chosen before another opens, could have the key object/box change it's position also with each failure. Now I'm guessing you can probably see why I'd like to get around to writing an automated restraint toy of some kind, keep thinking up devious ideas that would be fun to try out but then can't find anything out there to match it or I do find something and only end up with it giving me more devious ideas how to add to it Would really like to experiment with the idea of requiring the sub to complete some list of tasks in order to eventually get released too, could be fun to implement scenarios with a form similar to having someone lock you up in RL and leave you with a list of tasks to perform while they are away, or at least the beginnings of one, more fun to learn of the objectives as they come along. I think it's the latter fact which is why I never got around to starting working on scripting something like this already, while I am a switch and would really enjoy letting my mind run wild with ideas to program into such a thing and as a sub would really enjoy trying it out that doesn't extend to writing them for myself, it's not the same when you know too much in advance. Anyways, this post has got long enough so think I should leave it there *grins* EDIT: I wrote it with paragraph breaks for a reason *sighs and adds them back in where SL forums deleted them*
  5. It sounds like the IP address you are currently using has been blocked from second life, this could be because of your activity or as most residential IP addressess are allocated dynamicallly because another user on the same ISP as you has triggered an IP ban while using the same address. You should check the email account associated with your second life account to see if you have any emails from support about being blocked there will be one if it is you who triggered the ban, if not then it is probable that another user has caused that IP to be blocked it should resolve when your IP address changes which is often at each reconnection of your router to the internet though they can sometimes be assigned 'sticky' which means that you might need to disconnect your router for 30-60 minutes before your ISP assigns you a new address. If you continue to have issues or require further help you should open a support case with LL directly answers support is by residents with no special access to check your account and provide specific assistance in a case like this. https://support.secondlife.com/create-case/
  6. There are several things which could have happened from your card payment failing for some reason or the linden exchange rate changing between your order and your bank approving the transaction which would have left you with a USD credit that you can use to make a new Linden Dollar order to convert the credit to Lindens and the current exchange rate. The best way to find out exactly what happended to the funds from your first attempt the best thing to do is to check your account history it will show your card transaction and a reversal or an outstandting credit depending on what happened after that. You can find your account history here: https://secondlife.com/my/account/history.php?lang=en-US You can do a quick check of your account summary which will also show if your account has a USD credit balance here: https://secondlife.com/my/account/?lang=en-US If you are still unable to trace the funds try contacting billing, if you find the card transaction failed the best party to speak to would be your card issuer.
  7. The only way to assign prims without parcelling is to use a scripted rental box, naturally that wont actually be able to stop people rezzing over their limit but they are able to send warnings to both you and the tenant and allow you to use your normal eviction proceedures if the tenant does not bring their account back into order within the time stipulated in your rental agreement. As for the other question yes, the only way to change the prims on a parcel is to change the parcels size or to use the region/estate bonus. Note however that when that is used the region can still only have 15,000 prims total so not all tenants will be allowed to use the additional prims it grants in effect what it does it allows some parcels to use more than their fair share by effectively taking those prims away from the fair allocation of other parcels within the sim which are using less. As such prim bonus can only be done fairly where an area of land containing prim allocations at least equal to the bonus is kept devoid of prims and not rented to tenants, or uses lightly primmed landscaping. For example having the centre 1/4 of the sim made into a lake with some low prim landscaping perhaps would fairly and sustainably support a prim bonus of around 1.20-1.24 (The other 0.01-0.05 or 150-750 prims being the prims for the landscaping).
  8. Also contact your credit card company, especially if you have not bought lindens previously or charges in foregn currency etc before many card companies will tend to block larger charges that don't fit the users usage history. There may also be some other reason the charge was declined, at least elimiate that possibility then if that checks out try contacting LL to see if they can do anything. Generally speaking if a card transaction fails it is usually because it is declined unless the entire service is down, with declined transactions there is little the merchant can do but refer you to the card company. I know from experience 9 times out of 10 when an online transaction has failed my card company resolved it not the merchant often it's an anti fraud security measure or simply overestimating available funds forgetting a transaction etc.
  9. To go premium you have to clearly elect to upgrade your account by following the upgrade process as such there is no way to get the charge you formally agreed to by following the process removed from your card at all. Your best course of action is to immidiately cancel your subscription, this will prevent your membership being renewed at the end of the month (This was agreed to with the upgrade). You will remain premium for this month until it expires as your premium subscription has already begun the service perchased has already been rendered at this point. By all means go ahead and call LL but I suspect that they will tell you the same thing, premium memberships are to the best of my knowledge non refundable at leastthat was the case previously.
  10. Something that has not been mentioned here previously but I note the rather heavy overclock on that CPU of yours. That can be problematic and in some cases produce CPU errors even where the temperatures look normal and needs to be investigated as a possible cause here. Firstly check your system temps especially that CPU but also watch the GPU etc as well, clear warning signs are seeing temps over ~60 on the CPU (At full load) or over ~80-90 depending on model for the GPU (See manufacturer website for thermal tollerance data and make sure you are at LEAST 10% bellow at full load). I suggest doing the above while doing intensive CPU and GPU work to see their load temps which are far mor imporant idle temps will tell you nothing of value here. Prime95 is a good one for the CPU as not only will it's torture test put the CPU under load to get a good idea of the true temps you are getting when the CPU is under pressure but it also checks for CPU errors by checking the results of the calculations against known valid results. A soak test of prime95 or similar in torture test mode for at least 24 hours continuous should be you next thing to try but ONLY if the temps look okay first if not fix the temps first as a long torture test with bad cooling could harm the CPU perminantly. The end result of this will tell you if your CPU is throwing math errors under load which will cause crashes, sudden performance issues, and worse data corruption and other problems where applications don't detect the errors which is common. Such problems will be mostly intermittant though more common when the system is at load like when playing second life (Though if it is the overclock you will get some at light load also usually). Note also that the maximum overclock a chip can handle safely is very unique to the individual chip, once you go pushing beyond it's design tollerance you will get some chips that are well able to handle it others less able but pass quality control as the quality control spec was written for standard speeds. In other words your milage may very and you should never assume just because others have acheived a high overclock with a given model of chip that your specific part has the same capability. Another comfounding issue is the interaction of other components in your system, I susggest anyone planning on building or using an overclocked system always do the testing yourself, don't rely on anything else.
  11. Hi Tessa, just to help us understand the situation here a little more do you think that perhaps you could try another v2 based viewer and see what effect if any that has on the problem. Perhaps you could give it a minute to download firestorm from this page http://wiki.phoenixviewer.com/doku.php?id=downloads Once you have tried that for us please let us know your results here hopefully it will give us another piece of information in our effort to solve the puzzle for you. Good luck Also, I will point out that in the short tem you have a workaround option if v2 wont work for you to get Phoenix also on the page above, Phoenix is a v1 based viewer but does allow wearing of tattoo and alpha layers along with multiple attachments and clothing layers. So if your sole reason you feel you need v2 at this moment in time is being able to wear what you like Phoenix has the features you need. Of course that is juse a workaround not a solution to the origional issue it might improve your second life experience in the immidiate term while working towards a full solution.
  12. Hi there, your transaction history will show a list of all transactions including gifts of items without any lindens involved, you can access your account history here: https://secondlife.com/my/account/transactions.php?lang=en-US Unfortunately that isn't the best record and will only show you up to the first 500 entries on any given day so a popular demo campaign especially when permaited by sales you will lose records. Your other options would be having a scripted object do the giving which also handles logging of items given away, this is often the best way as the script can also be programmed to collect statistical information in addition to a simple list of names. I think some providers in world sell ready made scripts that will do a reasonable job of this though naturally it is something that should ideally be custom designed and set up to handle the demands of your campaign and the data you need to collect from it.
  13. It sounds like a firewall or your router is blocking some of the ports needed for SL to connect and function, please see this page for the ports you need to open to allow SL to work. http://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/Configuring_your_firewall That page also provides some help to configure some types of firewalls and devices if in doubt consult the manual for your firewall or router.
  14. Hi there Lequisha, this is a resident supported forum so we cannot access your account details to retrieve your password, and even if we could it would probably be encrypted anyway (Or at least I'd hope so). However there is a feature to reset your password if you have forgotten it, please go to this page and fill out your other account information in order to reset your password and regain access to your account. https://secondlife.com/my/account/request.php?lang=en
  15. The best resources I have seen for dealing with this and any other appearance related issue is maintained by the Phoenix Project, it will however work for any viewer as the general problem is SL related not viewer related. They have two versions one for Viewer 1.x and the other for Viewer 2.x just click the link bellow which fits your version. Version 1.x http://wiki.phoenixviewer.com/doku.php?id=bake_fail Version 2.x http://wiki.phoenixviewer.com/doku.php?id=fs_bake_fail I am sure that those tips will fix you right up but if your still have issues come on back and edit your post with Options > Edit to let us know what happened so we can help further. I would also bookmark the above URL's they are great resources when you or your friends have issues in the future you can refer back to them or send the links to your friends that are in need.
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