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  1. Ok.. I am not a developer. Not a major builder. I am just a hack scripter and maker of tats. And I am not prepared like those of you that do this large scale to resort to having to log on to a toally seperate grid in order to keep my simple designs affordable and still quality. I need those temp textures accessable in my normal viewer. On my normal grid. If I have to pass on the cost of 20+ uploads while I try to get a single image right for a tat then I am out of business. Period. I also rely on the ability to see when people are online. I have used various quality notifiers so I can make deliveries without losing items. They are investments I paid for and thay work well. They are not an invasion of privacy in any way. Since I could friend every customer and then simply log on to my Second Life and see which of my friends are online. Breaking all these scripts thatpeople worked hard to develope and others like myself have paid for is not only dumb. But any claim that it is protecting privacy is false since anyone that is worried can select to not have status reported or be locateable in search. And I already lose many of my purchases and prize deliveries that supposedly are delivered yet never show up in inventory because of marketplace delays in delivery till I am offline then they try to deliver after I get capped. And 4 of 5 times I end up never getting a replacement. I have tried almost every viewer out there that has an OS X Lion capability. And will continue to try them and use whichever version of whichever viewer is most stable and meets my needs. Regretably so far the LL viewers have almost always been least able to meet my needs. Instead of repeatedly trying to break move and more features of SL that WORK and make my time here enjoyable. It would be nice just once to see LL actually address major issues that ARE clearly broken and widely known to need a fix (I speak now about ongoing chat lag and dropped chat and chat corruption issues as well as the marketplace delivery issues mentioned above) I am just a simple resident. Not a noob, as I been working on this Second Life for over two years. But I am really getting depressed at the insistance in fixing things that are not broken and breaking them.
  2. Worthy cause and More than happy to contribute. However, it would be nice if there was a "merchant" to contact about "Order Status: Delivered" items that never actually got delivered. With a normal marketplace purchase you contact vendor aith taransaction info. But with LL as the merchant there is no one to contact so funds transfered and no bear. *sigh*
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