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  1. Ok.. I am not a developer. Not a major builder. I am just a hack scripter and maker of tats. And I am not prepared like those of you that do this large scale to resort to having to log on to a toally seperate grid in order to keep my simple designs affordable and still quality. I need those temp textures accessable in my normal viewer. On my normal grid. If I have to pass on the cost of 20+ uploads while I try to get a single image right for a tat then I am out of business. Period. I also rely on the ability to see when people are online. I have used various quality notifiers so I can make d
  2. Worthy cause and More than happy to contribute. However, it would be nice if there was a "merchant" to contact about "Order Status: Delivered" items that never actually got delivered. With a normal marketplace purchase you contact vendor aith taransaction info. But with LL as the merchant there is no one to contact so funds transfered and no bear. *sigh*
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