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  1. Update: I take it back: it's not just model uploads. SL crashes when trying to upload anything right now. on OS X 10.10.1. Crashes every time. I find it interesting that the question is specifically "crashing when trying to upload" and the answers are talking about DNS and connecting to second life. Well, in my case, let me make it clear: I have the same crashing of Second Life on OS X 10.10.1 anytime I try to upload a model exported from Blender 2.72b using the Second Life and Open Sim static presets on the Collada exporter. To be clear: Second Life just com
  2. I trust the CC companies a lot more than PayPal. PayPal also has become extremely inconvenient to use. If you have two people in the household sharing a bank account, you're out of luck if you both want to connect that account to your PayPal account. PayPal is a joke at this point.
  3. Working great on 10.6.5 here, almost 3 year old Macbook Pro 2.5GHz Core 2 Duo, Nvidia 8800GT M 512meg, with 4 gigs of RAM. FPS still not super awesome, but the lag seems less. Feels more useable.
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