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  1. Yeah, I originally thought I had posted in General Discussion, without realizing it may have been a subforum under Land. Thanks for the advice on the dresses, and thanks for moving the thread to the appropriate forum.
  2. Does anybody know of any mesh midi dresses or midi skirts I could buy on Marketplace that have a fabric-changing HUD? I am looking for inexpensive ones (L$100 or under). Please post any links you find. If this thread is in the wrong forum, please move it to the rightful forum.
  3. Could somebody please answer my question in my last post in this thread?
  4. I don't even bother wearing shoes in SL. I prefer being barefoot all the time. Ironically, in real life, I rarely go barefoot.
  5. I am actually using Blender Render. What kind of lamps and/or what position of the lamps do you recommend for Blender Render?
  6. I am creating this new thread, since my previous one had no replies for several days. I'd like to ask: 1. What kind of lamp in Blender is best suited for using on mesh dresses? 2. What pattern should the lamps be positioned in order to give a good shadow and light effect on my dress? 3. How many lamps surrounding the dress are sufficient? Or, are there any alternatives?
  7. Well, regarding the mesh dress template I purchased on MP last week, while I cannot access the OBJ file to create textures, there may still be a chance for me to create new textures for the dress. Maybe there is a Notecard inside that explains what to do in texturing, and the Photoshop way may be designed to replace the OBJ file for the sake of efficiency. The package contained UV maps (which depict the grid) and also texture maps (the latter shows the exterior of each side of the skirt, exterior of the top and waist). I don't have Photoshop anymore (the CS3 is not compatible with Windows 10, from what I learned), but I am sure Paint Shop Pro - which I acquired from a friend in 2007 and is still compatible in Windows 10 - is a good alternative, which wasn'T free to begin with. In Paint Shop Pro, I could give the exterior of the skirt, and/or top and/or belt a different texture. But i do have one question: Could I possibly create the outfit in Blender from the UV map (which depicts the grid)?
  8. Actually I have been learning Blender for over a year and a half now. When i started in January 2016, I practiced for a while, then took a break after a while, then went back to it weeks later, etc. I know a lot of the basics now, and i admit, I would like to learn something, and I am going to devote to it, however long it takes. Plus it would probably be much cheaper to create and upload my creations. Creating the dress and texture would be the easy task, and I seem to be on the right track with this. And the rigging would also be easy too, as I saw a video on YouTube but using an older version of Blender. I may have to learn how to weight paint in Blender from a tutorial when it comes time to do it.
  9. As for rigging and weight painting, I didn't think you needed to do both for any clothing item. The way it's heading, I can see myself buying some mesh templates with corresponding OBJ or DAE or other associated files in a matter of time. It's just that I have to wait until I have excess money in the future. Money is tight for me at this moment, and I have to try to save money in the coming weeks. Do you know if there are any mesh templates of clothing items that have corresponding DAE/OBJ/3DS files for texturing that I can purchase?
  10. Rolig, how many vertices does the mesh skirt in your image have? It looks like there are seams marked on the front and back. Are they?
  11. Regarding the video I posted earlier this evening, I do have one question. When in Face select mode in the UV Editor, how do I separate half of the unwrapped object in the UV Map? The video seems very interesting and suits my needs. After learning about circle skirts and gored skirts, I personally think creating a skirt from a UV sphere best suits my desire. Plus, it's very efficient, it seems.
  12. That looks interesting. Are there any step-by-step instructions on how to create a mesh gored dress in Blender? How do I create the gored panels?
  13. I found this interesting video on YouTube that I can create a realistic skirt in Blender in just over 3 minutes and looks looks like a pretty darn good job. http://m.youtube.com/watch?v=rLnE3QdnCkw
  14. Well, I believe most mesh skirts in Second Life are circle skirts, but it sounds like, whether it be gored skirts or circle skirts, the stripe effect I wanted is not possible in real life, and whatever way my skirt in Second Life is, I want it to be like in real life, but since stripes appearing vertically on a skirt is not possible in real life, unless it can be done with a gored skirt, I may have to use a different design such as floral print or polka dots, or even solid colors. Also, is there a tutorial on how to make a gored skirt in Blender? And unlike yesterday's post of mine, I'm willing to go with YouTube tutorials, but as a last resort, if no non-video tutorials exist on the Internet.
  15. I remember buying this mesh dress template from Marketplace last week: https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/WC-Blouse-With-High-Waist-Midi-Skater-Skirt/7456467?id=7456467&slug=WC-Blouse-With-High-Waist-Midi-Skater-Skirt I also wanted to buy the OBJ file, but the link to purchase it in the description is no longer valid for some reason. Where else can I acquire this OBJ file? Are there any mesh dresses of the same variety or with a gored skirt on Marketplace that I could purchase the mesh template and download the OBJ or DAE file for texture baking or 3D painting purposes?
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