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  1. ^ That's the thing: I've never bought Lindens with RL money (and don't plan to) and I've never had payment iinfo on file (and don't plan to until I get this answered). Every Linden I ever earned was without payment info on file, 100% in-world. Not sure if that helps, but I probably should've put that in my original post. My bad.
  2. Forgive me if this isn't the right place to post, but this is my first time really using these forums. Only took me 6 years eh *lol* All jokin' aside I've had a question that's been naggin' at me. I build once in a blue moon - nothin' fancy, just these small art pieces. I had been thinkin' of maybe sellin' them at some point, but I'm unsure how that might relate to real world tax laws. My real question is: if at some point I had the means to add a PayPal account, and I wanted to 'cash out' my earnings, would I need to file tax information for that? (example: say I had a PayPal account
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