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  1. That Traveler's HUD is fantastic, I highly highly recommend it, I never take it off, just in case the mood hits me to go out adventuring!
  2. Here's what I've got going on (in my houseboat) - the bulk of it, with the counters, sink, cabinet, even the decor on the shelves, is only 3LI and has a lot of texture options for wood, countertop, and tiled splashback (which I have hidden). From Dysfunctional, and comes with a lil oldskool stove too, which I don't have out because I'm....>.> not allowed to use a stove. I've added a glitzy fridge from Bazar and a geodey table by Schadenfreude to offset the rustic vibe, and that planter there just to box off the area a bit, so the entire kitchen including seating is about 13LI
  3. They're more like a doll - the mesh avatars you found are more like Toddleedoo but more limited, but the Animesh ones people are talking about are almost like a pet. You feed them and put them to bed and dress them and so on - as far as I'm aware, there's no consequence to not feeding them etc as if with a breedable. But they're animesh, so the mesh basically has its own AO, it moves extremely smoothly and realistically, the downside of which is, animesh items are almost always extremely high LI - I believe because of the heavy scripting weight the animations add? From the way they move,
  4. Those Zooby babies are ridiculously cute, the way they move is delightful, but yeah, yikes that LI I wish I could open the windows on my houseboat, I compensate by always having the doors wide open
  5. They're not ready yet, that's what that red text is about. They'll likely come out in the next few days/weeks, under the normal new circumstances detailed here:
  6. My auto refresh program? I didn't make it, and I've never told anyone to use it. I just answered a question. Anyway, I said generally when the new homes are available, they're the default on the page. That is the expected behaviour. Sometimes it doesn't work that way, and shows the Meadowbrook even when a Bellissaria property is available, I don't know why. But even when that is the case, the autorefresh program thing picks it up when it's in the drop down menu. Which is indeed what I was confirming.
  7. Ayy congrats and all while you were partying at the time time too!
  8. Yes, it does detect it when it's the the drop-down, but generally, when a Bellisseria house is available, that's the screen that'll show by default - your prefilled name box will stay prefilled.
  9. that looks really effective! If it were me, I'd maybe tint it a light grey, to make it look a more more inside-ish and shadowy?
  10. Those were abandonments. What they mean when they say won't be releasing at weekends, they mean they won't be doing the new region releases on Saturday and Sunday, not that nobody can get a house on those days. Congrats on getting a house though
  11. Mm true, I'd forgotten about with what small margins of spare LI the Moles have said they work with
  12. This made me chuckle because this is what my grandad and I would do when I was little when we'd walk the dog. Sit out on picnic tables in the park and I'd be all like "and I'll have pizza and there's chicken for grandma and you can have a steak..." and so on. I'd forgotten all about that until just now.
  13. I mean, griefers are a concern, but mostly, in my experience, most people are decent. I've owned mainland next to a major road with Build enabled for everyone for over 10 years and it's been extremely rare for me to have anyone rez anything unpleasant in all that time. Having a short autoreturn would mitigate the litter that is more common in areas with build on. Personally I think it would be lovely to be able to rez food, chairs, all kinds of whatevers in public areas. It would make for nice photos, pleasant "outings" and generally make exploring quite fulfilling, I don't think it's a
  14. My Household has been watching Trailer Park Boys for the last few weeks - I feel like that would be the model for the down-and-dirty version. Gonna need more liquor.
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