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  1. I'm sorry if I wasn't clear Vella. When you put SL in your firewall "exceptions list" did you list it as a "trusted site" or a "restricted site"? Make sure that its "trusted". The instructions start on the the login screen. "Edit" is found at the top left corner of the screen. Think of a cache as a bucket. Programs like SL & internet browsers fill and take water (stored memory bits) out of the bucket. Most programs are design to empty the bucket when they are done. By shutting the program down incorrectly such as using ctrl,alt+del the program can't empty the bucket. Now when you run the program again you still have water in the bucket with little or no room for more to be added. Now the program can't run properly if at all. My instructions will empty the SL bucket so it can run the way it should. As to the last part about the Ccleaner; your computer's operating system sets aside a limited amount of hard drive space for general operations (another bucket if you like). It to can be filled by programs and isn't always cleaned out. Over time it can fill up with crap not needed any more and will slow your computer down as it tries to find a clean place to store what it needs. Oooo even better the "cluttered closet syndrome" LOL Cleaners like Ccleaner will drain all the crap out of the bucket (or clean out your closet *sincker*) so your computer can run better. I hope I was clearer this time.
  2. You said that you put SL on your exceptions list but make sure its set as a trusted site. There is something you might try but 1st when you reinstalled SL did you uninstall it 1st if not you simply replaced damaged files without changing anything. If you reinstalled (using the same location) w/o uninstalling then try this; 1.) On the login page click edit 2.) Click preferences 3.) In the network tab, click the button that says "clear cache" 4.) Under the web tab, click the "clear now" button next to the browser cache 5.) Hit OK then close the program and restart it If you reinstalled the program w/o removing the cache files (and I'm not sure uninstall would necessarily remove them to begin with) what you told me sounds like the kind of problems I have had. When you ctrl,alt+del the program, it didn't shut down properly which clears the cache (A.K.A. stored memory) and every time you try to log in, the full cache can't hold the data needed to complete the connection. I hope it helps you. I know it’s worked for me for numerous problems including inventory that seemed to go astray. BTW besides physical cleaning your comp & running your antivirus there is another cleaning you can do. That is cleaning your hard drive of old internet & temp files that take up memory allocated to processor use. I use ccleaner (you can get it here http://www.ccleaner.com/) I recommend that you only use the cleaner, the registry cleaner may take out things you need if you don't know what the look for.
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