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  1. The VenueSL is a virtual live music venue set in the virtual world of Second Life. We're looking for aspiring singers and DJs in order to give them opportunity to make a bit of an income online with their talents. We're a small endeavor but we'd love to help out anyone who loves to perform and already has a following but no permanent venue to perform in. We'll provide the space, I can host for you, or you provide your own host! Tips are 100% yours and your host! So far we have three acts lined up for FRIDAYS, SATURDAYS & SUNDAYS starting 3pm SLT. They are the following:
  2. I have been trying it for 3 days now and I am becoming more comfortable with it...I hated 2.0, I RESISTED using 2.0 and I'm a fan of TPVs like Imprudence and Kirsten's viewer, but I decided to try this because of undockable sidebar and other improvements. So far so good... Hope the improvements stay and not get borked along the way as you twiddle with the code and all. It seems that there are still people who are actually taking joy insulting other people's efforts and put down those who are simply appreciating the effort finally done for this viewer. These improvements now in our midst has l
  3. i knew this would happen! finding a way to integrate what AU already has to the system was something i was thinking about for quite sometime...i was just waiting for LL to just announce this. and yes, can we have a separate tab back for RL in 2.0? another reason why i refuse to use 2.0 (apart form the hard to use UI and i never rezz beyond a cloud) is the way SL and RL profiles are made as one. i like the way profiles were in tabs, where RL info is tucked away in a tab.
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