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  1. Fear not that we would make such a large change to the Inventory UI. This is a test for user feedback, nothing more.
  2. Thanks for your feedback Charolotte - we will be making improvements in the Friends/Followers area very soon.
  3. For now yes. And again we clearly need to improve this new and evolving area. But question for you - you don't want to see any of your Friends posts? We introduced "Followers" as we understood that the new web profiles and feeds strained the "Friends" behavior in SL which has other implications of online status, etc. The model is evolving and I'm interested in what behavior you are going for as it relates to the profiles.
  4. This is different. What's been restored are the Privacy settings. The default is for Friends to be Followers so that if you "unfollow" a Friend you are still Friends but you will not see all their posts. The UI and functionality is in a bit of a transition and we're working on improving that asap. Look for improvements there after the holiday week.
  5. All affected users accounts have been restored to to the settings they had before the issue. Thanks for your patience and understanding.
  6. @Rolig - will get back on that topic soon. Focused on fixing the issue at hand first.
  7. Update: A fix has been rolled out which covers the majority of users. We are still working on the remainder and I will provide another update when the issue is fully resolved.
  8. Trending shows what feed topics are hot based on Comments and Loves (combined with the respect of privacy settings).
  9. During a migration some users Profile settings were reset. This does not affect all users, and for those that have been affected we are working to reset your settings back to their original state. We value your privacy and apologize for the issue. I will post an update when the issue is resolved.
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