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  1. Victor Vasarely (French-Hungarian artist, 1906-1997). Blue kinetic layout on black background (About 1975).
  2. When an item is associated, a listing has been already created for the item (with a number). You can see this number (ID) after the item name in your Marketplace listings (Viewer side). This number appear too in the item URL (e.g. https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/KTC-Script-memory-meter/2973346). It is possible to associate an unassociated item manually if you know this number.
  3. In my case, I have unassociated items affected with full permissions like textures and notecards, but also copy only items. My no copy items are not affected.
  4. A HUD is also available here: https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/KTC-SL-Connected-users-HUD/8623119
  5. Nothing is fixed! I have today 3 products unpublished, but now french descriptions are involved. I'm very tired to check again and again, sentence by sentence, word by word which word is involved. Why forbidden words are not displayed in the error message?
  6. Only "zone" is involved. Now, I use "GMT time" instead of "GMT time zone".
  7. Response from LL: Unfortunately we do not have a list of trigger words that could cause this. Because of that you will need to go through the description and add it word by word to see which of those is causing this flag. I am very sorry. Funny!
  8. I found! The word is... ZONE. It's absurd and ridiculous! Thanks all for your help.
  9. I updated today one of my product on the marketplace and I can't publish it because there are a "forbidden text" in the description field. However, the error message don't display this forbidden text. This is the product description: KTC Spy camera is an avatars detector which may be installed everywhere in your house, office, store, ATM... It records detected avatar names with date and time detection. So, you can be notified by email or instant message for each detection following if you are off-line or on-line. If you don't be alerted, you can see the detections list directly from
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