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  1. it wont list from inworld i loa items into the out of stock folder go to list and it tells me it needs a description, however i can try to load then log in and list through the webpage with your help since i do see the unlisted items doing as you say
  2. that the marketplace has removed the unavailable items page so if you sell non copy items (like i do) any time you run out of a listing you have to redo the whole page does anyone know if this is a temp glitch or if LL is planning to keep this change? When you go to view unlisted items it use o take you to all your unlisted items now its page unavailable its just a pain in the butt to have to write up a whole new listing for the same exact item when you list it after running out of stock.
  3. getting "login failed limiting logins" on all 3 of my avatars. good to know others are having this issue as well i thought i might of been in trouble for something i had no clue about at first since i have never seen that error before lol
  4. fixed it logged on to firestorm and not phieniox and it allowed me to return but thank you all for your help
  5. i noticed something funny about it today....if i turn down my draw distence to below 100 it does not show up but anything above 100 it does (i ususally have it set to like 300)
  6. no different group the person who did this isent in the group that the land is owned by
  7. in about land its group owned which is why i have control of everything on it lol
  8. i derendered it now, wrote an IM to the owner and to my landlord and if i dont get a response in a couple days ill report it as object litter its on mainland so it has to be LL owned correct?
  9. how would i go about fileing a ticket? never done that before so im unsure how to do it
  10. *sighs* seems like they did it to cover my skybox which all they had to do was ask me to do that myself if they did not like it....although i was at that hight first lol but yes thats most likely it *sighs again*
  11. i rent the land the person rezzed it on and have full rights to return objects ect......but in land info the owner of this thing isent listed as haveing anything rezzed on the land so im a bit confused. i have written the owner of the object he is offline at this moment but will wait a day or 2 then write the group
  12. not really sure where to post this to get help but around my skybox there is an objeck called missile 1 and it wont let me return it or anything like that. i get the return button hit it but nothing happens any idea how i can get ride of this? its very annoying since it glitches my home so that there is black curin thing over some of my furniture
  13. this is happening to myself as well as a friend of mine when we are in my skybox/region i rent on mainland its so bad that we get to the point we cant even tp. places that arent on mainland seem to be okay though so we are just hopeing that things will get better and i can go back to my house and relax lol
  14. if you are a scripter and do custom work please IM me in world Breeanne Canetti and ill tell you what i am seeking to have made and you can quote me a price thanks, Breeanne Canetti
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