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  1. Same issue-- Apollo won't let me log in. I've cleared the SL app for use on this computer, updated to the most recent version of the standard viewer, changed my password, tried a different browser but nothing solves the problem. I've been an SL user since 2008 (or '09, don't remember exactly) and have seen lots of problems come and go. What's with this one?
  2. The e-mail address above is a good address. What happened when you clicked it?
  3. Hello, all. I'm trying to create a virtual version of the Atlanta University campus as it existed between 1897 and 1944 and one Harvard building and a Fisk Univesity building from the same period. I also need period furnishings for offices and classrooms.Unfortunately, this is a very short turn-around time If you're available or know someone who can do this work, please contact me at sflowers@cau.edu. This is not a project for large corporate developers or builders, by the way, as I have a modest budget to work with. Sandra Flowers (avatar Akilah Zanzibar)
  4. I'm having exactly the same problem and I've tried every last one of the solutions posted below and explained by chat. Never had this kind of problem before viewer 2.x started sending a new version every three days or so And what's with this starting up in basic mode when the program finally makes it past the log-in? Basic is literally useless if you have to do anything except fly and walk in the place you were when the program opened in basic. I have to manage land but I can't even get to it because, the few times I've made it past login with the new viewer, I no longer have menus.
  5. SL is the only virtual world I've used for teaching, but like you, Esparanza, I consider it a powerful tool for that purpose. Exploring the SL world map makes it clear that SL is many things to many people. Though educators and their institutions are the minority in this world as in RL, I hope that whatever Rod shapes SL into, it won't be something that reinforces in students' minds the idea of its being a game. Sure, students (and their teachers as well) can and do play games in SL, and I myself have endorsed my student estate mananger's inclusion of amusements on our island. After all, why shouldn't learning be fun? But that's not education's primary reason for being inworld. It's the way it can transform teaching that keeps us here.
  6. I don't know how sustainable higher education is as an asset to Second Life in particular, but there's no arguing the fact that higher education and online ventures are joined at the hip. The question of how valuable an asset higher education is to SL would make an interesting master's thesis, or at least a long scholarly paper, would it not? I can say that colleagues who have succesfully integrated SL into the curriculum have seen student engagement in and out of the classroom skyrocket as a result. For this and other reasons, I second your sentiment, Mark, and urge Mr. Humble's early attention to and continuing engagement with our institutions. Sandra Flowers
  7. My thoughts exactly, Holocluck! I myself am not a gamer and did not enroll my company in Second Life for the purpose of gaming.
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