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  1. So your telling me its ok for someone to ruin your game experience when you want to get on an alt and go look at thing you have never seen before.  regardless if LL allowed it at first or not ,  just like laws in  various nations , things changed, tne scope of what he was doing also changed.  he simple ruined peoples gaming experience. Therefore that made it illegal just like if it was real life and something was legal till it affected the populous then it becomes illegal. So those of you who are upset redzone is gone think about this. What happens if it was here and one day you just wanted peace and wanted to get away, your precious redzone would not have allowed that. Yes yes i know it makes it easier for copy botters to get your hard earned work, that in my book is wrong, but that does not impact LL as much as millions of people  upset over privacy and deciding to not place second life. Grow  up boys and girls real life politics in second life is here to stay....Viva La Revolutiion!

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