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  1. You are a kind soul !!! Thank you so much !!!
  2. Thank you for your reply. Messages, that come along with a payment, cannot be blocked even though that avatar is blocked. Can you imagine, trying to DJ on SL, having to concentrate on your music, the crowd, possible song requests etc and you get SIXTY to SEVENTY payments of 1 Linden Dollar each within an hour, along with an insult ?
  3. Hello everyone... I have been on SL for a while but just recently joined here. I hope, everyone is doing ok. I have a question regarding being stalked on SL. Years ago, my RL sister, who also plays SL, was being stalked. After blocking him literally everywhere, he started paying her 1 Linden Dollar every 15 minutes along with a nasty message. My sister stayed offline for a while and when she came back, he was gone. So, that problem ressolved itsself. However, someone I care about recently stopped seeing someone he was just casually dating. The woman didn't take it to well and all kin
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