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  1. I am looking for 3 or 4 dedicated, naughty, perverted types who want to earn $L30 an hour for doing what they love doing. :-) There is no schedule, you work when you want. This is for a new playground I am setting up. If you are interested... send me a notecard in world. You need to be broad minded and able to communicate in English.
  2. This is an amazing waterfront 512 m block with unrestricted views over the water. Every morning you see the sun rise with nothing in the way to ruin your view. It can not be built out. Rush, this bargain wont last. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Hypolazy/88/8/22
  3. Wake up to the glistening ocean out your bedroom window. Breathe that fresh sea air. This is a fantastic opportunity to pick up a bargain oceanside lot. Don't wait, this wont last long. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Sinuiju/207/195/28
  4. We require a few hosts and dancers to work this Saturday afternoon /night SLT You will be paid L$30 per hour and receive 90% of your tips. Hosts/ greeters - we require energetic, fun hosts to meet guests and to engage with the audience during the evening. You must be able to communicate clearly in English, have an attractive avatar appearance and be broadminded. Dancers - we also require dancers. You must also have the qualities listed above. The location is Swinger's Sex Club. We see ourselves as being classy but naughty. Time - from 3pm SLT Saturday afternoon for 4 h
  5. This is a stunning absolute top of the hill location with amazing water views. Don't miss out, grab it now! 512m for only $1,999 Every other available block in this location has sold in the last week. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/da Vinci/226/17/61
  6. This Saturday night we are having our Grand Opening at Swinger's Sex Club, the home of classy and naughty. :-) The party starts at 3pm SLT so why don't you come on down for lots of dancing, flirting and sexy fun times. Over a 4 hour period we are giving away thousands for the best dressed, best dancers and the best at being a little naughty... Put us down in your calendar and try us out. Please note that we have a strict dress code - black tie for men, evening wear for women, or black sexy lingerie. We look forward to seeing you then... Space P.s. we are stil
  7. This is a prime waterfront location of 512m. Stunning views from this elevated position which falls away to the waters edge. There is nobody between you and the water. This is a brilliant location and won't last long. Come and have a look today. It is one of the more pleasant and genuinely scenic SL mainland locations. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/da Vinci/180/59/32
  8. Moderate rated mainland 512 m for sale. Magnificent location and views, quite area. Great price for this kind of spot - get in quick. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/da Vinci/177/47/38
  9. We are a adult new club opening next week and urgently need some more staff. We are a relaxed group of people who believe in enjoying our SL experience and we hope you join us and have fun too. If you have NO experience at all, or you are a newbie, contact me anyhow. We are open to all kinds of people doing all kinds of things! There are NO application forms to fill in, there is no interview. If I like you and think you can do the job and add to our guests experience, you will have a job. There is no roster, no strict hours, no drama. If you want to work 1 hour a week thats
  10. Hi, I am looking for a board (like a notice board) that customers can click and it puts their name on the board. Perhaps the board might hold ten names? If the person clicks the board again their name drops off. Does anyone know if such a thing exists and what it would be called. I have hunted around in the marketplace but I cant really find something simple like this and dont know what to really search for as most noticeboard do other things... lol Any polite suggestions are most welcome... Thanks in advance Space
  11. Hello, I am opening a new adult club with an up market look to it. We are opening in a week, or two, and looking for the following staff... Hosts/ hostesses DJ's Dancers Managers Our club has a dress code so our staff will need to comply either by wearing dark coloured evening wear, or black lingerie. As it is an adult club staff also need to be broad minded. If you are looking to contribute to something different and have some fun at the same time please don't hesitate to send me a NOTECARD with details about your experiences or how you might contr
  12. Hi,I have been unable to find a clear, un ambiguous description of what I want to do... even though it is something very common in SL. I am going to buy some mainland to start a club. I want to have staff who can kick people out of the club if needed but not be able to interfere with other aspects of the build. In the past I have tried to work this out, but always failed. Can someone please tell me what settings I need to have for... a - the land and b - the group in order to allow staff to have the control needed over visitors... Thanks in advance and a
  13. Hello, I am opening a new romantic dance club, Love Island Dance Club, and I am looking for volunteer hostesses. If you are interested please send me a notecard. Duties - greet visitors, enourage the patrons to chat and dance. You are free to work as often as you want, as little as you want. There are no rosters. You are free to mingle and dance, you are not expected to be glued to one spot. Benefits - you get to be involved in a lovely, warm and friendly club with beautiful music and a romantic setting. We wil look at a tips system once we get going. The dress code for the venue is for
  14. Hello, I absolutely love going out dancing, the formal sort of dancing, but it isnt easy finding other women with the same interest. I would really like to meet up with other women who want to go dancing, so if we see each other online and the moment suits, then we can enjoy with activity without the annoyance of hanging around and getting hit on by guys, when all we want is to dance with a woman. If this interests you, then please read my profile first, including the picks pages (so there are no misunderstandings) and drop me a notecard and lets see if we cant get together some time. thanks f
  15. Hi, I have a 8192 sq m block of mainland - it is adult land and is in a lovely quiet location with a valley below and sea views in the distance. It is presently listed for sale at $25,000L - I am happy for you to make me an offer by notecard in world, but there are no guarantees that it wont get snapped up in the meantime. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Woobin/104/103/48 Have a great day Space
  16. For some reason this piece of land is not showing in the land sales, so I am offering it here. The sim is quiet, great views over rural valley and no lag. I am selling off a piece of my empire as I dont need it. Price is set at 14,000 Location is Woobin - 211, 100, 47 regards Space
  17. yes, me too I try to buy things, it says I dont have enough momeny - but I do. People send messages, which I dont get. People send teleports which I dont get. I am using FS. and I am trying to buy a f***ing dress!! lol
  18. Hello, I need some German based avatars to do a very simple activity for me. It will take you maybe 5 minutes, maximum, and you will get $L1000. If you are interested, please send me a notecard in SL and include your avatars name so I can get back to you. Dont send an IM, they get capped easily. I will reply within 24 hours of your message. The qualifications for this are as follows... 1) you live in Germany at the moment. 2) you are over the ge of 18. 3) you have five minutes spare. 4) you want $L1000 instantly upon presenting proof of the task. look forward to hearing from you Space.
  19. Hell, I am looking for someone to create new textures for me for garments that I have the rights to use. You will be given the texture template, and instructions as to what my design colours or patterns are, and you produce the texture. Let me know your price for this kind of service, if you are good and interested this may be a long term job. Please send me a notecrd in world. Space
  20. Hello, I am looking for someone who can supply clothing products, mesh or non mesh, to my specifications as a manufacturer/ supplier at an agreed price. Please send me a notecard in world with links to either your work in marketplace or inworld. thanks Space
  21. lol, thanks for that. yes its 100 metres up in the air so I guess thats what is killing it. oh well... back to the drawing board. thank you x
  22. Hello, not sure if this is the correct forum but... I have created a new club, and also set aside a small piece of land next to it as a public sandbox. I own the land on both, the club land is also set to a group. I have granted access to the land via the access tab to allow group access : name of group I thought this would only allow those in the group to enter. What seems to be happening is that new arrivals are pushed to the sandbox, which is expected behaviour, but then they can just walk on the group land without being given any message about needing to be part of the group. Can someone
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