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  1. It s because you have changed to a sim flagged "no-script "


    - Usually , the listener is recreated in the destination sim after a teleport 

    llGetOwner() never gives null . In addition , in doing this hypothesis , your line

    llListen(-224, "", llGetOwner(), ""); will become llListen(-224, "", NULL_KEY, "");

    and so this listener  will listen everybody ( so the owner too ) 

  2. On 12/25/2019 at 1:08 AM, Qie Niangao said:

    (Not sure this really belongs in Scripting but if I could solve the problem it would make a script possible, and anyway I'll guess that scripters are the most likely to have bumped into this before.)

    Has anybody succeeded in using a vimeo video (e.g., https://vimeo.com/375405889 ) as an SL media source, either Parcel Media or Shared Media?

    I started out hoping to use just the raw .mp4 to put on parcel media, but it seems that's only available to "Pro" vimeo accounts (also noted here). Unfortunately the party responsible for these videos doesn't appear to have that kind of account (although I haven't asked them, which I'd need to do to get the link anyway).

    So then I switched to the Shared Media approach, and nothing would play, apparently due to this bug, also noted here. Despite the specificity of those jira titles, it seems there's no plan to support playing "embedded" mp4s at all.

    Now I'm not sure even the .mp4 link available to "Pro" vimeo accounts would work, even if I had it.

    Maybe there's some means of presenting media with an "unembedded" mp4 from vimeo, if that's even a thing. Or some other magic that gets vimeo video to appear in-world?

    Otherwise I suppose my only fallback is llLoadURL of the vimeo link, which for my purposes would be marginally better than nothing I guess.


    The "pro" answer was only if you embedding the video in a new page ..

    But it doesn t explain why the video doesn t work in the internal browser with direct vimeo URL 

  3. 5 hours ago, Secondary Lionheart said:

    For reference, http://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/LlDetectedType


    Previously, returned all objects containing a running script.

    Currently, is not returned if the script is not actively processing an event or has an active timer/loop.

    It s wrong : lldetectedtype returns all objects containing a script  with the mask-bit SCRIPTED  set to TRUE

    Notice  this script can contain anything ( no listener , no loops etc ..)

    In addition , even if the script is flagged as not-running ,  lldetectedtype will return with the mask SCRIPTED


    My opinion , is that you use llSensor to detect some objects  , and you guess that the parameter used by  llSensor/llSensorRepeat  should be the same . 

    In fact it s wrong 


    For instance , you have an object non-physical  who contains the basic defult script ( "hello avatar " script )

    You have a second object who use llSensor to detect the first object 

    a)  you use 


    => no_sensor event will be triggered

    b) you use


    => sensor event will be triggered .

    If you print the value from llDetectedType , it will return12 = 4 + 8 = PASSIVE | SCRIPTED


    Even if your object ,  contains script flagged not-running , llDetectedType will return with the mask SCRIPTED  . An object who contains scripts who don t run , will have a value from llDetectecdtpe with the bit  SCRIPTED of the the bitmask set to true



    In the wiki , http://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/Lldetectedtype "Objects that has any script, which is doing anything in simulator just now" is a false sentence .

    In fact , this sentence is correct  to use with llSensor , but not with llDetectedType . llSensor with the value 8 ( SCRIPTED )  as parameter don t return all objects who contain some scripts but only some objects who contain some specific scripts ( running , and active ). llDetectedtype value doesn t change . If you prefer , llDetectedtype returns as OUTPUT the bit SCRIPTED at TRUE for any object who contains some scripts in their content ( even nont -running , even not active ) , while llsensor with the bit SCRIPTED as INPUT don t filter all the  objects scripted but nly a subset from this

    It s probably because , this sentence is inside "wiki template" array , , and it has caused confusion between the two pages llSensor and llDetectedtype , when the array / table has merged . It s a bit ugly to use the same terminology and causes mess and confusion


    Try to detect with a collision , and not by a sensor ,  if you are not sure

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  4. On 8/20/2019 at 11:10 PM, Love Zhaoying said:

    I’m going to guess, you shined your “headlights” out the window?

    Maybe you have  an old version and the firestorm team has rolled back ?

    Ir Maybe tou have compiled by yourself the viewer in forcing  the max value

    My version is Firestorm 6.2.4 (57588) Jul 12 2019 00:15:15 (64bit) (Firestorm-releasex64) with Havok support .

    It s the last version

  5. On 8/20/2019 at 4:30 PM, Arduenn Schwartzman said:

    I didn't watch the Linus video, but 20 FPS for the new Tomb Raiders is unacceptable. Also, 8K and even 4K are overkill for most games. When it's fast-paced, higher FPS is always better than more pixels.

    Is that really the texture memory limit in the current, official SL viewer? I know that in Firestorm the limit is 2 Gb.

    And, would a higher limit really help for SL? In 8K everything's just bigger in size, not bigger in number of textures.


    You are misinformed . Firestorm has a limit to 1 Gb . and it blurs some images

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  6. 4 hours ago, testgenord1 said:

    Thank you so much for your time and your explanations!
    I could never have come up with these ideas.
    These are great improvements and will help me a lot in the future.
    Again, thank you very much, I really appreciate this!
    edit: Through trial and error I noticed that we probably need

    llListenRemove( idListen);

    or llResetScript() at the end, because otherwise the listener will remain open indefinitely after the end of the timer.
    This means you could still answer the question although the timer has run already out.
    Is that right?

    Indeed you will need to delete it . .if you want that the player has ony an allocated time for all his answers .

    We were not sure  about what you were expecting .

    Indeed the player  could be confused that while he continues his answers  he is stopped brutally after some time  and he is forced to click again , even when he golds the hand on the game . He ill think about lag  or bug when in fact it s the design of your script


    If you want nevertheless to force the player to click again after his 20 seconds allocated for his answers   , i suggest you to warn him when tje timer expires and inviting him to click again . Either you can do by a message , either you can do visually ( change of colors , sounds playes , particles effect ) 

    Your first version could have as much active  listeners than the number of times  someone has touched the prim . ( so it xan grows )

    The version i have fiven you keeps only one listener max active  , but of course , you can have zero listener when ther is nearby

    An another solution , is to create a llsensorrepeat  who scans if the player has not left . On no_sensor event you remove the sensorrepeat and you remove too the listener and you enable the CLICK_ACTION_TOUCH  and something informs the palyer he has left the playground and needs to touch again . 

    Resetting the script won t be my preferred solution in your cas :  the versions we post here are drafts , but your final version does certainly a lot of things at the start of the game we have not written yet in this forum , but who should be written in your final version  . . For instance reading a notecard or a website to fetch the questions and answers to ask to players .  With a reset script you  will need to read again theses notecards or to fetch questions/answers on external urls .  It takes too much time , so , i will avoid llresetscript in your case . There are other ways to remove listeners ( changing state , call a removelisterner  ..) and who don t erase the initialisations of your script

                llSay(0,"You have not given the good answer before the time . The good answer was ....
    Click again ");
                llSetClickAction( CLICK_ACTION_TOUCH );
    7 hours ago, Lucia Nightfire said:

    BTW, the value 8 for llSetClickAction() may be undocumented, but it was implemented by LL this year so it is not a hack. The wiki page just needs updating.

    Thank you

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  7. Second life uses again some float 32 bits .

    24 bits from these 32 bits  are used for the significand precision

    Around 4000 meters , 12 bits are used for the integer part , 12 for the fractionnal part, so you can t expect a precision better than 1/4096 meters , around 4 millimeters gor any regional measures

    In addition the innacuracies can be amplified by the rotations along one regional axis


    The only solution is IF and WHEN second life will use 64 bits for coordinates


    For the "good height" to build , the answer is , more you are close to the point 0,0,0 , more accurate will be your builds . It s not only the height  :The influence in in the X axis and the Y axis can  be strog too if they are closed to 255

    If you can t , avoid at the maximum to use world frame   in the build window tool  , and build uniquely  in local frame 

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  8. 7 hours ago, testgenord1 said:

    Hi again!
    Thank you very much for your support.
    I chose Rolig Loon's method and it works fine.

    KT Kingsley's idea worked fine, too (I actually had used that idea at first,
    but forgot to define integer "user" as a global variable, preventing it from being used in the second state).

    I also liked Lucia Nightfire's idea quite a bit but I couldn't find out how to actually switch off the touch_start trigger using this.
    I don't actually need it at this point, but I like the idea, so, in case you could explain it to me, I would be grateful.

    Anyway, here is the adjusted script using Rolig Loon's ideas:


    Thanks again!

    There are several little other things missing :

    Firstly : you are creating  a listener at every touch but without delete the others . So after a quizz of 100 questions , your script has 100 active listeners , with 99 who are useless . It s a waste of resources of the region


    Secondly : you are generating a listener for any touch , even  when the user is too far to be able to answer . By chat , the user is limited to 20 meters , 96 meters if he s shouting , so it s useless to generate a listener and waiting some seconds for nothing . People can touch prims at more distance than they can talk to the prims , in using the zoom camera  . People can speak to the prims higher than 96 meters only  if they talk via one attachement scripted


    Thirdly : when your player is answering correctly ( and not wrongly ) , your script  is not desactivating the timer and is not  restablishing the possibility to touch before 20 seconds . So people , after a good answer can t play .. and are obliged too wait the end of timer. Nearly a  bug

    Fourthly , maybe  it s not necessary for the prim to talk in the public chat to anyone , but only to the active player . I am not sure about what you want exactly , but you may condider it  and using llregionsayto  .  

    Sixthly In addition you don t solve the issue  when the user  goes out from the chat ange distance  when the prim talks in local chat . The player won t see the message from the pri . Again one time llregionsayto ispreffered , but as i am not sure about why you want ( maybe the quizz is to use with seveal people ) , i have not changed this point


    integer idListen;
    float TIME_ANSWER = 20.0;
        on_rez(integer start)
            llSetClickAction( CLICK_ACTION_TOUCH );
            llSetClickAction( CLICK_ACTION_TOUCH );
        touch_end(integer total_num)
            // as the prim talks only to 20 meters , we limit the touchers to people inside 20 meters
            if ( llVecMag( llDetectedPos(0)-llGetPos() ) <= 20.0 )
                // remove old listeners to not waste resources of the sim 
                llListenRemove( idListen);
                idListen = llListen(0, llDetectedName(0),  llDetectedKey(0),"");
                // desactivate the touch event s: 8 is undocumentated value , but seems working , thanks to Lucia ; an alternative is using several states to cchange the event manager of the script
                llSetClickAction( 8 );
                llSetTimerEvent( TIME_ANSWER );     
            listen(integer channel, string name, key id, string message)
                if(message == "good answer")
                    llSay(0,"deal the answer and congratz");
                    // allows to go to the next question , so the touch event is freed . change of timer and llsetclickaction
                    llSetClickAction( CLICK_ACTION_TOUCH );
                    llSay(0,"bad answer : try again");
                    // wait again an another answer : so the touch event is again blocked: we want again an another answer from the same player : no change of the timer and llsetclickaction
                llSay(0,"You have not given the good answer before the time . The good answer was ....");
                llSetClickAction( CLICK_ACTION_TOUCH );



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  9. No ..  The tranfer is only from the owner of the object to someone .


    You will tell : "yes but before i have given my object , i was the previous owner" . Indeed  , but you will need to tranfer linden dollars to the target BEFORE  having given your object , and not AFTER having given your object

    But an another object , ( again owned by you ) can give money when it will receive a message from the given object :

    Messages can be grid wide ( if you use HTTP  , or email or xmlrpc ) and tranfer lindens too

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  10. 3 hours ago, Parhelion Palou said:

    Florida allows people to gamble in Florida. What they don't allow is for people in Florida to gamble on the internet. That's why LL can't allow people who appear to be in Florida (based on IP address location) to go to gaming regions in SL. I live in a state that has both casinos and horse racing, but internet gambling is illegal and therefore I can't go to gaming regions. In my case, I have no interest in it so I don't care.

    Firstly i notice you have changed your assumption :

    from "floridia is againts gambling" , you tell now "floridia allows people to gamble in florida" .

    Secondly , now , you tell that "floridia forbids to gamble on the internet" . It s always wrong .

    Several sites are allowed for floridians :

    for instance :



    I quote 


    BetAmerica is in full compliance with all applicable United States and Federal laws.

    Wagering is restricted in certain states. Account holders shall not make wagers from their account while physically located in one of the following states: Arizona Iowa, Louisiana, Massachusetts, Montana, North Dakota, New York, Nevada, Oregon, Puerto Rico, Vermont, Virginia, and Washington."

    Where is Floridia in the restrictive list ? Nowhere

    Check by yourself


    In addition , King.com , royalgames.com ( King Digital Entertainment  ) is a well known platform game where you can spend and earn not only candies  but  you can spend and earn real cashes . No users in all united states have been forbidden  . It s well known platform in facebook , google play , mobiles etc ..

    What  are becomen these kind of games in SL ?



  11. On 7/22/2019 at 1:22 PM, Parhelion Palou said:

    You can't gamble in SL because Florida has a law against online gambling. They want you to spend your money in their own state.

    You do a mess :

    Horse race gambling is forbidden in Florida  ( amendement 13 november 2018 ), but casinos gamblings are not :

    see by yourself 10 instances of casinos ( not exhaustive ) where you can gamble in floridia



    In adddition : there are some native americans groups in floridia Native American reservations do not fall under state jurisdiction, and are sovereign and subordinate only to the federal government. ( Seminole tribe and Miccosukee  tribe

    Check by yourself https://www.500nations.com/Florida_Casinos_Tribes.asp

    But the customers of these casinos are not mainly native americans 

    So  , i don t understand  the Linden policy who is harder for floridians  ( and native americans foridians ) than in Florida 

  12. 19 minutes ago, AyelaNewLife said:

    What's your point? Linden Lab still has to follow both sets of laws, that's just how multi-tier legal systems work.

    What you describe is an uni-tier legal system work . Not a multi-tier

    You forget there exist more that one law or one right : there is the field of application of the law for the provider , but there is too the field of application of law for the consumers , and in addition , as it s not LL who creates the games sim , there are too the field of application of law for the owners of sims

    I am even sure that the laws about gambling ( in other enterprises  , real entreprises and other , outside SL ) have tried to define how it should work when there are different field of applications . 

    The short answer : "it s written in californian law" is not pertinant and even , could be wrong in some specific situations

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  13. 18 minutes ago, Solar Legion said:

    Oh dear, someone does not seem to understand how a forum works so I suppose I'll make it rather clear for you: My response is my own and has rather little to do with what anyone else prior has or has not said. You have now made assumptions based on your own - faulty - interpretation of what has been said thus far and of events/post order.

    If you are genuine in your responses you will cease conflating people's responses or ascribing some motive/impetus that simply does not exist to the responses you get.

    Again, have a pleasent existence. Your continued response is not required nor is it needed/desired.

    No , no . Your answer was linked with what it was previously said ..

    In addition , it surprises me that this crowdfunding is not for "non profit associations " but for entrepreneurs ( indiegogo is for "independant entrepreneurs" if you didn t know it , as tne name tell it "indy " inside indiegogo ) , so for commercial activities



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  14. 18 minutes ago, Solar Legion said:

    Do you have the real world finances of the person you are harping over, right in front of you at all times Miranda?

    Rhetorical question: No, you do not. You are making a guess based on your personal assumptions concerning the income of people with similar jobs/titles.

    You are barking up the wrong tree and are indeed coming off as trollish. If such is not your intent, prove it by altering your approach.

    I am sorry , but it s not me who has wroten his curriculum vitae  .

    His cirriculum vitae is clear , and we don t write this kind of curiculum vitae when we are are unemployement


    Your assumption  that he lives like a SL DJ is based on NOTHING . You can t even prove he has connected himself to SL 


    Again a time : stop to troll and accuse others to be troll 

    Do you know how much costs some material musical used in real performances ? Have you an idea , only ?  And an "organisation" able to give some real preformances to real people requests 6000 dollars to SL users? Don you think there is something wrong , there ?

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  15. 4 minutes ago, Selene Gregoire said:

    Bye bye troll.

    :D . I am sorry , but why do you talk abour your friend who certainly has not the same real  life of Laurent Mialon ?

    Don t you think it s totally irrevelant to compare them ? To compare a SL DJ with a producer real of music ?


    Bye bye troll

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