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  1. i know i'm late with this, but just in case anyone else comes looking like i did, your banner for your sig must be 64 pixels high....that is the limit. there is no limit for the width.
  2. I know I'm a little late but i wanted to add my two cents in on this thread. I had the same problem last nite and it drove me crazy. My clothing was blurry and I couldn't attach prims onto my avatar. I rebaked. I cleared my cache. I deleted my cache folder. I went into appearance. Nothing worked. I relogged and then finally SL turned me into ruth! I did the test female avatar on the advanced menu...changed back into myself, then still had the same problem. I seem to be okay now because i DELETED my 'User Settings' folder and even deleted it from my recycle bin. I dont know if you know where it is, but to get to it, i did the following: C:\Users\Owner\AppData\Roaming --> Second LIfe Folder --> User Settings folder. I'm running Vista btw. When I did this, it was as if I had uninstalled and reinstalled SL. All the settings were screwed and I had to reset them, but SL created a brand new user settings folder, and it forced everything to start from scratch, and my stuff finally rezzed!! So hopefully this helps someone so that they don't have to tear their hair out like i did last nite.
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