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  1. @Rhonda: I've tried that, but I run out of room sometimes having to add so many "-" tags in my search. @Ziggy: That's true. And while it didn't work WELL, it still worked somewhat...until LL removed the flag option for misuse of keywords. So now I can't even flag these items anymore. @Faithless: As far as I'm concerned, BBiaB is well w/i the same issue I'm having as well! @Void: Unfortunately that doesn't work usually, either. I ran into a shop named "Akatsuki" that sells nothing remotely involving akatsuki. So running a search for "akatsuki" is all but impossible to find the items I'd hope to find. @Pierre: The only reason I posted this thread was because I have been looking very, very closely for far, far to long. The Marketplace should be easy and convenient to use; at least, that's what I thought that was the reasoning behind having the Marketplace. But to be perfectly honest, the Marketplace is horrible and purchasing online was much easier before the Labs decided to buy out OnRez and shut them down, so they could monopolize Xstreet into the only decent/viable Marketplace.
  2. Not trying to start drama or a flamewar when I ask this, but since Linden Labs can't seem to stop misuse of keywords on the marketplace, is there or can something be implemented to block merchants who are particularly abusive with the use of keywords? I don't even see an choice in the option list of Flagging an item for misuse of keywords. (Of course when it was still Xstreet after LL bought them, they never responded to that anyways.) So: Is there an option to do this? Can one be implemented if there isn't? (For those curious, a decent example would be searcing "ninja" on the marketplace. It brings up 200+ shoes that aren't remotely ninja-oriented. Also gothic dresses, "wife beater" tees, etc.) I would just like the ability to run a keyword search for something I'd like to spend my money on...and not have to filter through hundreds (if not thousands) of items that have absolutely no relation to my search.
  3. Just curious about this, but when I log into Second Life it shows a picture of me in the last location I logged (or crashed) in. Does anyone know where in the blue blazes SL stores that picture? I thought it might be in localapps\secondlife, but I didn't seem to find it.
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