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  1. My problem has been resolved so far ❤️ thank you very much for all the help. I forgot to come back to let you know.
  2. Putting this here in case they are using this post for the JIRA issue, and to reply to Mollymews' edit. I have cleared all files after uninstallation and tried using the regular SL viewer instead of Firestorm. (I was on my laptop) So I tried my desktop as well which is not what I was on when I logged off and couldn't get back on. Also tried the same thing for viewers, completely uninstalled and deleted roaming profiles and such, then downloaded regular SL viewer and tried again. Still the same issue. While it could be more than a viewer issue, I run a small shop in SL on a different account an
  3. What is the average ticket response time for you when this occurs? I have read a few threads and their posts had ranges, some of them like four hours (been way more since I submitted my ticket) and some of them over 2 weeks.
  4. I've been unable to log in to my main characte, it keeps rolling through Logging in and Updating Friends List which sometimes lasts for 30 minutes, to an hour, or more without saying wrong password, I had one instance where it errored out and said wrong password. I tried changing my password, still can't get in. Not too sure what to do? I can log onto other accounts just fine. ( I have some for business stuff seperate from my play account)So it isn't a mac ban or IP ban because I also tested with VPN which singles out an IP ban. Plus I'm still able to get on my other accounts.
  5. I have a script that calls for a WebUUID and the website that provides them is not working properly, the website is this: http://gridurl.appspot.com/ so if anyone can help me please it is much appreciated.
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