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  1. I moved my web service from a shared server to a VPS (virtual private server). I am very grateful to the tech support folks at my web host (www.stablehost.com) that helped me with this transition and it went very smoothly. While more expensive for me, it gives me much more control. Most importantly it stopped the IP blocking that was going on without needing to white list specific IP ranges. Things appear to be working normally now. Thanks for everyone's help. To Oz re: using experiences to store URL information. Unfortunately this is not really feasible for my application. My objects (mo
  2. My web host provider acknowledges it is probably their firewall that is blocking my HTTP requests. My current web hosting plan is on a shared server and the provider has limited capability to change the firewall rules. About all they can do is white list a specific range of source IPs. That is what they did about 2 years ago when I was having some initial blocking problems, and it worked flawlessly after that. Unfortunately IP white listing is not practical in this new world of clouds and proxy server pools. I'm therefore exploring the option of moving to a dedicated server (VPS) with the same
  3. Thanks for your quick response Monty. The domain subscriberkiosk.com is my own domain hosted on StableHost (www.stablehost.com). So I don't really have any control over their security policies. I passed the link with the AWS ip ranges to them, but they say they can't white list the full set of AWS ip's for the security reasons you stated. So IP white listing is not a viable solution. I'm still waiting for them to tell me exactly why their firewall is blocking some AWS IPs but not others, although they did say it was triggering a CAPTCHA response. My theory is that their firewall's rate-li
  4. For the past 2 days my in-world servers (hundreds of them) have been getting a very high number of status 403 and 502 responses to HTTP Requests made to my off world PHP/MySQL application. This has been working perfectly for the past several years without any changes. The error responses are coming only from object URLs that use the new AWS cloud-based proxy server pool and only started when this service was moved to the cloud. My web host service provider indicated that their front end firewall is likely rejecting and blocking some (but not all) of those IP's. They want me to give them a list
  5. Not sure if this thread is still active, but I'm having an ANS problem. I've set up an ANS processor on a web host using PHP and SQL, following the method described at http://community.secondlife.com/t5/Merchants/Setting-up-Marketplace-to-use-ANS-and-log-to-an-external/m-p/2177571#M38386. I'm getting transaction reports from the MP OK, except when there are multiple line items in a cart purchased under one Tranaction ID, the MySQL database only shows the first transaction. The corresponding report I get via Email correctly show all of the line items. Is this a bug or do I just have somethin
  6. I am going to be away from SL for a little while and want to send an auto-response message to IMs while I am offlilne, to advise my customers of my possible delay in responding. Is there a way to do that? The autoresponse message freatures in the popular viewers only work when you are online.
  7. Thanks for the comments Pamela. My current problem is sort of the opposite but probably related. The valid related items are randomly disappearing from listings. I think it may be related to when I upload an updated a product version and associate the new version with the existing listing. I wondering if the related products in that listing may still point to the previously associated product version which is no longer associated with any listing and as a result, it does not show up as a related item in other listings, even though it does show in the edit pages for those listings. There
  8. While updating a MP listing, I noticed that the items listed as "Related Items" on the listings edit page are not showing up when the same listing is previewed. In fact, there is no Related Items section showing at all when the actual listing is viewed, despite the fact they are there on the listing's edit page. This appears to be the case for a number of my listings. However it is not consistent, i.e. the related items in some listings show up but for other listings they do not. One example of a listing with related items on the edit page but not on the actual listing page is ht
  9. Spica: Unfortunately for the Marketplace, in this case they refunded the buyer's money so they got no commission at the end of the day.
  10. I was also 100% successful in getting direct payment from my customers who got both the products and the refund. A few even contacted me first to volunteer. What great folks! I will, of course, be sending the 5% commission to the MarketPlace (yeah, right).
  11. Pamela, I actually had to do more than just update my Magic Box version to stop the problem. At first I just updated the scripts in the old box and re-synced. That didn't fix the problem. Then I replaced my old MB with a brand new one with v3.0.11, and deleted the old one. I then visited the MP merchant home page and selected Magic Box Status. This takes you to an old XStreet SL page that displays your inventory. If you get a pop-up about this being an inactive site, cancel the popup. I went to the section titled Registered Servers. It should list all of your current MB's, even the one j
  12. OK, I think I've solved the problem, at least for now and for me. I downloaded a new MB v3.0.11, rezzed it, loaded it, synced it, and deleted my older MB v3.0.7. I then tested deliveries with an alt and confirmed they are now working normally. I still have a couple of transaction stuck in "undelivered" or "being delivered" status. I am also stuck with trying to contact everyone who bought an item in the last 2 days, asking them to check their transaction logs and begging them to pay me directly if they received the item and were also refunded their payment. Hopefully most of them will do
  13. My SL Marketplace Magic Box may not be working correctly. How do I get a new one? I've searched all over the place and can't find out how/where.
  14. Sorry its been a while since I have opened a JIRA report. I didn't realize the rules had changed for who can see a bug report. So I guess visibility into bug investigation and fix status has gone from "not much" to zero. Well I won't go there off topic here. Here is some additional info on the current topic: Environment where my MB is located: Firestorm 4.2.2 (29837) Aug 27 2012 19:20:05 (Firestorm-Release) You are at 287,971.0, 278,690.0, 105.8 in Distorted located at sim7345.agni.lindenlab.com ( Second Life RC BlueSteel The first failed delivery
  15. Toysoldier. I have opened a JIRA bug report (https://jira.secondlife.com/browse/BUG-343) as well as filing a support ticket. My environment details included in BUG-343. As I mentioned in my post, this problem started on 10/6/12 and is still ongoing. 100% of my MP transactions are failing in this manner. Its even worse than items delivered and no payment. The customers are getting the items for free.
  16. For the past 2 days I'm having exactly the same problem as Pamela described. Getting delivery notices from the MB, but marketplace orders log show "Delivery Failed". No funds transferred to my account. Checking with those customers (about 10 so far) confirmed the item was indeed delivered and a little while later their money was refunded by the Marketplace saying the delivery failed. No money has been credited to my account (seller). I also filed a support ticket. I even tried buying one of my own products with an alt and confirmed delivery followed by a refund. I've tried resetting my
  17. Why am I getting the following message?: "Second Life: Objects you own in <region name> have sent out excessive inventory and their offers have been temporarily deactivated. The last inventory offer sent was from <object name>. The <object name> is a mailing list object that sends out newsletters to a list of subscribed customers. This object has been in use for years and this week was the first time it had this problem. is there some new limit imposed on the maximum send rate for inventory items? I am aware that there is a limit of 5000 IMs per hour, but this only a
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