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  1. I've dropped you a friend request inworld -- let's talk!
  2. Hi, 8bitBiologist! Just thought I would point out that if you did choose to bring your younger high school students into SL that you wouldn't have to be concerned about them mingling with the general SL population. Teens between the ages of 13 and 15 are locked to their school's region and cannot leave the region or interact with unauthorized avatars. This is the sort of arrangement you would make directly with Linden Lab. Info available here: http://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/Linden_Lab_Official:Teens_in_Second_Life These restrictions really do work -- I have worked with educators in SL si
  3. Griffin, I mentioned the policy that might hinder someone from exporting content because it was information the OP should know, based on questions he (or she?) was asking. It would be useful for Rstan to be aware of something like this before he buys content or has it built. And I also told him to mention to any developer he hires in advance if he wants to have the ability to export his content. That's really important, too, because along with the developer needing to prepare things for that eventuality, they also are going to need to include it in their contract. LL had policies and tool
  4. Griffin, the current policy is a hindrance to many who would like to export content to which they legitimately own appropriate intellectual property rights, or which they have built in collaboration with others, even when they have signed, hard copy, real-life contracts to demonstrate their rights. Stating that is not an endorsement of copybot. It should be possible to export content when it has been vetted, and in fact the Lab itself has done so under specific circumstances (from SL to Second Life Enterprise -- they had tools in place for this purpose at the time, which I thought were pretty
  5. Rstan, I have in the past set up multiple accounts with the same email address in order to meet the needs of clients (I'm a professional SL developer). Contact Linden support, explain the situation, including the number of accounts you need, what for, and some info about your organization. (Edit: as has already been mentioned, you can create up to five accounts with the same email address, but allowing others to use them is the issue. You will need to be white listed by LL for that, or to create more than five with the same email address.) It is possible to export content from Second Life
  6. No, Maelstrom. Like I'm gonna pass up free plants?
  7. The furniture set comes with plants? Yay! Logging in to get mine now ....
  8. Format is mangled on IE 8 running on Win 7, with overlapping and nonexistent elements. Compatability View helps, somewhat.
  9. I'm very interested in this thread, and I'm reading every post that's forwarded to my mailbox. But my work keeps being interrupted by incoming email full of snide comments about who needs a better PC, who's got powerful friends and which is just some little girl in a wheelchair, who is or isn't elegant, who does or doesn't have class, who's an elder or an idiot, and just what they can stuff where. I'm sure your flamewar is really important to you, but I really don't want it shoved in my face. Please stop clogging the blog and my inbox with your personal issues and go inworld and pushgun eac
  10. Why is there no Gold Solution Provider icon on my profile?
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